Michael Kitchen’s acting is nothing short of explosive in this scene when Richard Crane finally throws off the cloak of repentance and hits back at Anna.  His “Yes, if you say so” gets me every time. Difficult to say who’s more in the right in this showdown, but when Michael Kitchen delivers a speech, it’s impossible not to be swayed towards his character’s point of view. And this is a doozy of a speech. Lovely to see Richard Crane finally become a father in Reckless: The Sequel. That child will surely be spoiled rotten.

dancesabove said:

A friend of mine and I argued about this scene and about whether Richard had any right to be angry with Anna; I think one of the interesting things about the way this miniseries was written is the way none of the characters is portrayed as being right or wrong, necessarily. They are all flawed and funny and sometimes sympathetic and sometimes pathetic… the arrogance of Richard Crane makes that sequel and the changes in his life all the more moving. Would not have worked without Michael Kitchen, however.

Completely agree, especially about MK being key to making Richard sympathetic to viewers.


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