According to one local resident commenting on flickr, MK has a favorite Shaftesbury cafe:

Michael Kitchen who plays Foyle lives near Shaftesbury. I have often seen him there in a particular cafe.

Could it be The Salt Cellar?

A sighting the day after his 68th birthday:

Swimming and shopping at Tesco.

What a lovely start to the year for this fan:

If she had, she might have been rewarded as this guy was when he ran into Peter Capaldi on Shaftesbury’s High St.

Wonder if MK’s take on selfies is anything like Ian McKellan’s:

People ask me for a selfie and I say, “Wouldn’t it be better, since we’ve only got 30 seconds, just to look into each other’s eyes, and remember what the other person looks like and have a real brief chat, rather than me posing with you?” – NY Times

Or Maggie Smith’s.

From fiona@staring at the sea:

Michael Kitchen lives near me and I’ve seen him once or twice picking up a newspaper in WH Smiths.

From evseymour:

In Shaftesbury, I spotted the actor Michael Kitchen. I’m a fan of his work but didn’t want to bug his day. I especially didn’t want a repeat of a horribly embarrassing episode with an aging rock god some years before in Ludlow. So I drew up alongside, murmured how much I loved Foyle (Foyle’s War) and kept walking. Over my shoulder, I heard his charming reply. ‘Very nice of you to say so,’ he said in that elegant, understated delivery so typical of him.   Joy unconfined.

Responding to someone unhappy about Michael Kitchen’s unwillingness to promote Foyle’s War, the OP in a forum discussion described MK as “absolutely charming” in real life:

“pillock” LOL

From North Stand Chat celeb spotting thread:

Michael Kitchen of Foyles War lives local to me and is always up for a quick chat

This recollection from a former nurse at the local vet.

From Sue of Dairy House Antiques in Shaftesbury who commented on this nice blog post about recreating VE Day in Shepton Mallet:

Michael Kitchen came into Dairy House a year or so ago. He’s just the same in ‘real life’!  

From this BBC article:


i saw michael kitchen about a month ago in blandford


I bumped into Michael Kitchen afew years back in Dorset. I found the courage to ask him for his autograph, made a hasty exit from the shop, heart a pounding and all of a tizzy,and merely, missed getting run over by a wilts and Dorset bus!!The next time I saw him, was at my place of work. He caught me right off guard. If he’d asked me my name.. i would have had to think!!!He’s a great actor and g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!!

Alli Purves:

I have seen Michael Kitchen several times in and around Shaftesbury and Salisbury. He is always very nice, and speaks.


Nearly bumped into Michael Kitchen outside a bank in Shaftsebury, while visiting my son and family. Mr Kitchen has a lovely smile.

From a John Martyn concert at Salisbury City Hall in 2005:

Also seen in the foyer at this time was the actor Michael Kitchen, now there’s a bloke with a great voice.


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