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Comfort food for distressing times.


Great fun listening to this trio of wonderfully lucid actors bounce repartee off one another in the far more lighthearted setting of Noel Coward’s comedy play, Design for Living. Michael Kitchen, Cheryl Campbell, and Alex Jennings co-starred in the 1991 BBC Radio production as the three artistic neurotics who find themselves caught up in a ménage à trois.

Is it any wonder the crooked cop didn’t know what hit him until it was too late?



of beauty


Foyle’s War

A Lesson in Murder

No words for the senselessness of Carlo’s death.

It’s the epitome of Michael Kitchen’s performance in this series — knowing what to say when words are warranted and saying little or nothing when they are not.tendays komyathy

Another pair of time lapse images of Michael Kitchen from Love Song (1985) and Foyle’s War (2002).  Serious cerebral sexiness.

steviecat123 said:

It’s such a simple act of leaning forward then back, separated by two decades, but utterly mesmerising and I just don’t want to take my eyes off him.

Haven’t seen the sun here for a week, so let’s have a smirk from Michael Kitchen to cheer things up.

michael kitchen foyle's war a lesson in murder closeup

Another one of the gorgeous closeup shots of Michael Kitchen from A Lesson in Murder. ****

anonymous said: Thank you so much for the posts of Foyle’s War.

I’m happy you like them.  Thank you very much for your note. : )

Not much escapes Foyle’s penetrating gaze.

The disarming smile.

The touch of amusement in Foyle’s expression that’s often there when Sam is in his presence.

Foyle and Sam mourn the tragic deaths of David Lane and Carlo Lucciano.  Michael Kitchen’s sideways glance in both scenes speaks volumes.

Foyle shows his lighter side with a silly face directed at Sam.

Foyle’s powers of observation allow him to surmise that the the color of the lipstick on Andrew’s cheek matches the color Sam was wearing, and he approves. Ah, the good old days of Foyle’s War when not all the secrets Foyle came across were so grave and serious.

mkmohair said:

Foyle really looks Sam over, approvingly, as she walks away. I never noticed that before.

fuckyeahmichaelkitchen said:

It’s his “You look very, um – ” that kills me. He’s so reticent, it’s beautiful…

Another example of Foyle’s beautiful reticence with Sam:

Meaningful glances between Foyle and Elizabeth at the dinner table.

steviecat123 said:

Bloody hell! If he smouldered at me like that I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions. I would be over that table and knocking the port over in an instant. 😛