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michael kitchen foyle's war the funk hole mouth shrug

Foyle, the master of brevity, knows when he’s said enough to bring the guilty party to his knees.

And Michael Kitchen knows how to use his incomparable mouth shrug and eyes to maximum effect.

Falling: Michael Kitchen in library 1Falling: Michael Kitchen in library 2

(Location: Menston Library, Yorkshire)

On this final day of National Library Week…

From the Glencoe Public Library blog:

There is a bit of wall in a staff area of the library where librarians for a time posted pictures of their favorite actors. One by one, the handsome men were replaced by beloved dogs, past and present. Eventually, only one man’s picture remained among the pooches. That actor? Michael Kitchen. Interpret this as you will, but it does seem to speak to the appeal of the distinguished Mr. Kitchen.

Another librarian commented on the blog, Read Roger :

…a little while back, I displayed the whole stack of [Foyle’s War] DVDs on the circulation desk. The sign just had an arrow pointing to Michael Kitchen with a note that said, “My new boyfriend.”

You wouldn’t believe the number of patrons who came in and got all gushy.

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Sgt. Milner’s loyalty.

Andrew is on the receiving end of a harsh scolding by Foyle, who’s not in the best of moods after having been suspended from duty on a false charge of sedition. Openly angry Foyle is a sight to behold.

Forgot how much I love The Funk Hole.

Foyle asks Sam to take Andrew out to help in his convalescence.

Having managed to extract a dinner invitation from her boss in S1, Sam is on familiar enough terms with him by S2 that she can now joke about him asking her out.

bkwormkate said:

This was the first episode I ever saw. Have been shipping them ever since. Love this scene!

Just finished reading Hostage, which takes as its premise the continued courtship of Andrew and Sam 6 months after this tender kiss.  The author does a superb job of incorporating all four main characters of Foyle’s War into her wonderfully written thrill ride of a story. Thanks for sending me the link, abjectadmirer.

Collier’s baseless accusations and Rose’s incompetence infuriate Foyle.

But as Michael Kitchen’s anguished eyes indicate, Foyle takes little pleasure in eventually arresting a man driven to extreme measures by a life-shattering event.

foyle's war a war of nerves michael kitchen slow blink
foyle's war a war of nerves michael kitchen blinking closeup
foyle's war the funk hole michael kitchen blinking closeup

Michael Kitchen blinking his incomparable eyes.

Foyle’s famous tree climbing stunt.  That would have been a sight to see!

(^v^) Clearly, Michael Kitchen possesses extra facial muscles.

A casually dressed Foyle appears at the door of his home during his forced leave of absence for the trumped-up charge of “seditious behavior in an air raid shelter”.  Loyal Sgt. Milner has stopped by to pass on some confidential documents that may help his boss.

An invitation to tea out of the blue. Andrew is suspicious.

Neverthless, Sam manages to convince him to go…

…only to have things turn sour when Andrew sees through the ruse.

He treats Sam with little respect,

just as in their first meeting.

Only because your dad cares about your well-being, Andrew.

Ouch. The pig/prig.

All the while, Sam tries to defend Foyle’s actions.

Technically no Foyle/MK here, but he is the subject of the conversation.

I’m glad Andrew redeems himself in the eyes of Sam by the end of the episode.

After Foyle hears of Andrew’s churlish treatment
of Sam, he gives his thoughtless son an earful.