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Evasive responses to be followed later by resignation from his post.

An all too familiar story out of Washington these days, the latest involving “one of these PR types”.


I was re-watching one of my favorite episodes of Foyle’s War and noticed, for the first time, Michael Kitchen’s injured finger.  Given all the attention to period detail on the show, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s an authentic WWII era type bandage. 🙂

In A&E MK also appeared on screen with a bandaged finger unrelated to the show’s plot.  I hope the boo boos didn’t hurt too much.

Mr DIY K’s hammer hit the wrong nail, perhaps? – anonymous

First thing that came to my mind.  🙂

A&E Michael Kitchen in tux closeup

Jack Turner’s smooth facade begins to show cracks when he is involved in a car accident that leads to him misdiagnosing a patient with disastrous results.