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“Situation in which opposed parties maintain a tense, contentious relationship.”

Seems to be the case more often than not these days.

With news of the new spending bill, my day is going a lot better than Foyle’s.

Nice overhead shot of Foyle/Michael Kitchen seated with an open leg cross, a departure from his customary leg cross:

How should men cross their legs? The J Norman Post lifestyle guide answered the question — back when the POTUS was a man of respect and a model of propriety befitting the office he was holding.

Peter Capaldi plays the communist leader Foyle is ordered to investigate in A War of Nerves. Who will be the next Doctor Who? Came across some discussion from 1996 about how Michael Kitchen would have made a good Doctor.

Iconic words.

Blurry smile.

Foyle deep in thought.

“All this may just seem like party tricks to you – misdirection, sleight of hand. But think what will happen if we can make the Germans think there are a hundred Spitfires in a field, when in fact, there are none. Suppose we can make an advancing army look like an empty street.”

Capping off an awesome day of hiking at the Grand Canyon with these impressive age lines of a different sort.

dancesabove said:

There is a very crisp, definite way that he often moves his eyes and head — pdx144 calls it “the eye thing.” 

abjectadmirer said:

…then there’s the lip thing and the inside cheek thing and the knee thing and the pivot thing and the tie thing and the buttons of the waistcoat thing and the brim of the hat thing…

And my perennial favorite — the smile thing.

pdx144 said:

I’m trying to breathe; yes, abjectadmirer and KF, and all that too.  Oh, and when he’s just standing there doing absolutely nothing but being.