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“Brookie” laughs at Foyle’s picks for the football polls, but true to form, it’s Foyle who will have the last laugh.

The random system may not be a bad approach to choosing a March Madness bracket this year.


michael kitchen foyle's war broken souls smile

June 7, 2014: I miss the lighter side of Foyle.

December 3, 2017: I miss the lighter side of being an American citizen.

Robert Mueller III is our real-life Foyle right now, a tenacious and tight-lipped investigator. “Mueller has moved so swiftly that it has left Trump’s team grasping for answers about how far the probe might ultimately reach.” (The Washington Post, Dec. 1, 2017)

michael kitchen foyle's war broken souls no one is above suspicion

I wish we could say the same for the POTUS. Thousands of “psychiatrists warn about Trump’s mental state“.

Communicating with Milner via knee dip again after Dr. Campbell’s unwelcome intrusion.

From Anglotopia.net:

Michael Kitchen is still awesome as the quietly enigmatic Christopher Foyle and really many of us would watch him reading silently, whether or not he had crimes to solve!

Foyle’s a sneaky one – catching Dr. Campbell and Mrs. Phelps in flagrante delicto by deliberately failing to knock and then clearly just pretending to be apologetic as he exudes disapproval.