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These two.

Stolen in 1955, Famous ‘Inverted Jenny’ Stamp Resurfaces

Once again, a person of interest hit and killed by a car leaving his set of keys for the taking. This time Foyle lifts the keys, but Sam still finds a way to be useful.

Any French literate Foyle’s War fans interested in contributing to S9?


Merde! Je m’y postule tout-de-suite! 

Nah. Seriously, this is a job for a French native-speaker. Althouuuuugh why should I be so fussy on their behalf? BIG BONE to pick with Series 8 over the sequence of spoken Polish between Hoffmann and Tomasz in The Eternity Ring.  A few of us on QE were wondering what was said, since the subtitles were sorely lackin’

Turns out one bloke was speaking semi-gobbledygook.  We fetched in two Poles and the best they could make out was:

Voice 1 (Accent is dire, cannot make it out): Situation
Voice 2 (Polish): Thank you for helping

Haha, I do recall that discussion on QE and being once again amazed by the details viewers notice in the show.

Michael Kitchen conveys Foyle’s deep distrust, apprehension, and irritation in a myriad of ways while being briefed against his will by MI5.  His expressive face, silver hair, dark suit, and red tie set against the lamplit red walls of the room all come together for a scene of sublime beauty.

anonymous said:

It’s amazing that almost all the FW fans have the same sense of what is really important in the episode!And we have you to offer us the deleted scenes!Thanks again.

Well, at least based on the small sample size opining on the MK forum and this blog…  The editors of the US FW obviously had different ideas, and who knows, their views could be representative of the FW fan base at large.  Many viewers may not care much whether these scenes are included, but for those who do, I’m glad to be able to share them.

abjectadmirer said:

Those who do not care may as well watch Midsomer Murders. I invite them to clear orf out of the Foyle fandom forthwith.

Agreed.  But from all the comments and reviews I’ve read on S8, I just get the feeling that most viewers have been sold on the new setting and atmosphere of the show and don’t particularly miss the lack of humor and fun Foyle/Sam interaction.

abjectadmirer said:

Well, the first cut scene didn’t have any Sam in it. But it did have Foyle. To my mind, in a series called “Foyle’s War” you don’t cut Foyle. You cut everything else first. It’s a no-brainer.

One would think.  That first scene not only had Foyle but his dry wit as well, so the cut is doubly egregious.

steviecat123 said:

This is a beautiful image, it looks HD and shows every gorgeous wrinkle, crevice and grey hair and oh those eyes! My new favourite. Thankyou, J.

anonymous said:

Just one thing to say about today’s photo – Fantastic. I am now in complete melt-down. Please keep ‘em coming.

pdx144 said:

He’s absolutely beautiful. I just love his white hair…makes his eyes really pop. Sexy at any age and just getting better.

anonymous asked:

My friends and I were confused about the opening premise of ‘The Eternity Ring.’ What is the nature of Foyle’s difficulty with the FBI in the US?

Since it’s implied that Foyle drove Howard Paige to suicide, I’m guessing that Paige received quite a number of threats from Foyle and reported him to the authorities, so Foyle is probably wanted by the FBI to answer to possible extortion charges.

diabolicalfiend said:

It is so strange that he did that, honestly, after what happened with Major Keiffer.

I think the difference is that Major Keiffer’s target wasn’t necessarily solely responsible for the soldiers’ deaths, and even if he was, it was an error rather than an intentional criminal act.  I wonder, though, what Foyle’s ultimate goal was wrt Paige.  I would have thought that he would have tried to have Paige extradited to stand trial in the UK for murder.  Perhaps Paige was still protected by authorities because he was such a rich and powerful man, forcing Foyle to use more underhanded means to exact justice.