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Is it too much to ask that the POTUS possess none of the disturbing character traits exhibited in these Michael Kitchen portrayals…

and more of the qualities found in Michael Faraday and Christopher Foyle?


Martin maniacally seizes upon the goals of the National Front to a degree that’s too extreme even for Tom Bates.

How far are today’s resurgent right wing and its supporters willing to go?

steviecat123 said:

A devil incarnate, in the form of an angel. Those eyes! And bless that hair. Let’s face it we all had rubbish hair in the 70’s (well if you had been born then of course). It was a pre-requisite of the times.   

Martin Taylor in Play for Today: Brimstone and Treacle (1978)

Way too disturbing to be in my top 20, but what an acting tour de force from MK.

Yes, Michael Kitchen is creepy in Falling, but not nearly as creepy as he is in Brimstone and Treacle.

There’s something about a nasty character drinking tea from a dainty china cup that makes him all the more sinister.  Evil masked by refinement often makes for the most terrifying villains.

Michael Kitchen works his expressive eyes.

With and without his distinctive hair.

vkwalker said:

Had the devil looked like him, I might have said “Get thee behind me, Satan” for entirely different reasons.

Dancing a jig – among other things – with a most unsuitable partner.  Still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that Martin Taylor and Christopher Foyle are both played by Michael Kitchen.

ilyps said:

Martin Taylor was a very nasty character, indeed, not one even MK could redeem,but it was a piece of brilliant acting. Several years later, Sting played the same part, without much success. One critic said his performance just made you realise what a fine actor Michael Kitchen is.

You must be referring to the comments about Brimstone and Treacle made by the person responsible for the smile-inducing Michael Kitchen page at leninimports.com. Taylor’s probably the only MK villain who didn’t arouse any sympathy in me, but MK’s performance was stellar.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, here’s Michael Kitchen as Martin Taylor in Brimstone and Treacle, by far his creepiest role imo.

abjectadmirer said: I spy kohl eyeliner. Surely…

Just the light – and my edit.  The eyeliner effect is especially noticeable in my next post…

Michael Kitchen may play a monster in Brimstone and Treacle (1976), but here in the opening scenes before the horrifying truth of his character is revealed, I just see dimples and cuteness.

Michael Kitchen as the wicked Martin Taylor in Brimstone and Treacle (1976).  Disturbing to say the least!