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“A kind heart he hath; a woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart.” – The Merry Wives of Windsor


(Why was MK’s mirror image used on the DVD cover?)

Gorgeous Alibi production stills on Acorn Media’s pre-order page for the DVD.

The DVD runtime is 2.5 hours, so it seems Acorn’s release is the uncut version! It’s also in widescreen and hopefully remastered with better picture quality. Preview here.

From the New York Times, Nov. 13, 2017:

The infallible drama fodder of betrayal, love and murder gives this mini-series its edge.

If only a new Michael Kitchen project were being featured in the current NYTimes rather than a film that’s 14 years old. Sigh.

And, of course, what follows is Michael Kitchen’s beautiful delivery of a speech that’s at once touching, romantic, and humorous.

Dominic Dromgoole wrote in The Sunday Times (Aug. 31, 2003):

Kitchen and Okonedo are two of our best actors. They managed to play a substantial story of growing love without any intense stares or moist lips or fidgety signals. There was a lone touching of the upper arm. What they played was a slow-growing spread of trust between two people, and what is love if not trust?

Me, too! Sophie Okonedo and Michael Kitchen are a dream team.

Latest study finds that several cups of coffee
each day is good for one’s health.

michael kitchen drinking coffee the russia house

michael kitchen drinking coffee foyle's war high castle

The letter Annie Lennox received reminds me of Michael Kitchen’s infamous coffee shop encounter that was so amusingly recounted by Honeysuckle Weeks for the Daily Mail:

I had a laugh watching Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon sing Google-double-translated versions of hit songs, so I thought I’d run the fairly slangy dialogue from one of my favorite Michael Kitchen scenes through the filter. Have to hand it to Google Translate, it does a pretty accurate job with most languages I tried. Korean and Polish need a bit of work, though:

Hey, but I killed him.
It was an accident.
Well, he’s dead. I torture my wife, blindfolded.
He is dead. I did it. How good do you think it is?
Greg, would you lower your voice?
When they asked why, I would say “the least.” No, frankly, it is the tiredest thing I can do.
And that does not mean he’s dressed up. No.
In the luxury of his waxed car he fried a sharp and dirty bastard.

Hey, but I killed him.
It was an accident.
So, he’s dead. Bastard, bestowal on my wife, the thief blind me.
He’s dead, and I did it. How do you think how good?
Greg, would you keep your voice?
When they ask why, I will go, “This is the least” – no, frankly, it is very bloody at least I can do.
And not only did he deliver it. No.
Fried, dirty slurry fried in the luxury of his car.

I certainly hope Google Translate isn’t being used for any high-level discourse between the U.S. and North Korea. I wouldn’t put it past this administration.

Michael Kitchen running on screen over the years.

Good to know that “An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life“.

From The Guardian‘s review of Alibi:

Abbott’s skill is best demonstrated by pithy dialogue in scenes of exceptional economy. In Alibi, for example, a favourite was the brilliant cut diamond of an exchange in the latter stages of the story, between Kitchen’s Greg and his brother-in-law:

Pretty impressive stunt work if that’s Michael Kitchen rolling down the hill.

High praise for Alibi and Michael Kitchen in Sally Kinnes’s review for The Sunday Times (Aug. 24, 2003):

Greg manages to keep it together. He’s actually quite good at thinking on his feet – even when they’re bare.

Part 2 of 2. Marcey wielding the toilet tank cover cracks me up. 🙂

Michael Kitchen playing the cuckold.

michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 1michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 2
michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 3michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 4
michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 5michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 6
michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 7michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 8
michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 9michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 10
michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 11michael kitchen alibi kitchen phone call 12

“Are you talking to me?” Almost as funny as “Eugene. Tunnel…”. 😀

Color dilemna…

Level-headed Marcey introduces Valium to a panicky Greg while trying to calm him.

I’ve seen plenty of untempting Cyber Monday offers today, but this one takes the cake. And for a DVD that’s not even HD quality:

The image quality for Alibi is disappointing: it looks more like a TV-movie from the 1980s, not 2003. While it remains watchable, the image suffers from a lot of noise and grain, and colors are off as well, looking muted and grayish. – DVD Talk

Michael Kitchen and Sophie Okonedo deserve better.

A raucous riot of a scene with Greg and Linda determined to have it out even with a door in the way. Michael Kitchen looks hilariously deranged with his face distorted by the window glass.

Showing who’s boss.

Greg’s hides his malice behind the guise of a man celebrating the closing of a profitable deal.

Michael Kitchen does wonders with the “particularly challenging” dialogue in Alibi.

For all of Foyle’s heralded qualities, it’s Greg Brentwood – sweet, vulnerable, naïve, and prone to panic attacks – whom I adore most.

Just from the beginning.