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Michael Kitchen’s acting is nothing short of explosive in this scene when Richard Crane finally throws off the cloak of repentance and hits back at Anna.  His “Yes, if you say so” gets me every time. Difficult to say who’s more in the right in this showdown, but when Michael Kitchen delivers a speech, it’s impossible not to be swayed towards his character’s point of view. And this is a doozy of a speech. Lovely to see Richard Crane finally become a father in Reckless: The Sequel. That child will surely be spoiled rotten. ****


How COULD you, America?

A raucous riot of a scene with Greg and Linda determined to have it out even with a door in the way. Michael Kitchen looks hilariously deranged with his face distorted by the window glass.

“You told a lie, an odious damned lie; Upon my soul, a lie, a wicked lie.” – Othello

Foyle’s controlled yet palpable seething anger. He’ll find a way to wipe the smugness off of Guy Spencer’s face.

Enraged and sexy in The Browning Version and Reckless.

A post on potty-mouthed Stanhope Feast in response to Amiga’s assertion on the MK forum that Michael Kitchen seems to enjoy using colorful language in his roles occasionally.  Englishfan’s reply cracked me up!  Yes, as long as he doesn’t start twerking, I’m good.

pdx144 said:

I am rolling on the floor! No one spits out those words like he does. Makes me laugh every time. Thanks for posting these. I needed a good MK rant.

His delivery of these profanity-laced one-liners is impeccable.

abjectadmirer said:

…but on the other hand, if he DOES start twerking, I want to see.

I’d be appalled but wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Collier’s baseless accusations and Rose’s incompetence infuriate Foyle.

But as Michael Kitchen’s anguished eyes indicate, Foyle takes little pleasure in eventually arresting a man driven to extreme measures by a life-shattering event.

The impending arrival of Daisy’s friends throws a wrench in Henry’s plans. The last thing he wants is to spend a weekend with them, and helping Daisy with her preparations in the way she’s come to expect of him just adds insult to injury. So when Daisy all but orders him to mow the lawn, he responds here with seething resentment and then proceeds to storm out in a huff, pulling his cap down on his head so hard that for a moment he’s quite literally blinded by his fury.

Two great actors face off.  Needless to say, Peter O’Toole is excellent as the lead in this film.

Peter finally loses it and then almost immediately regrets it.

Having churlishly and thoughtlessly dismissed Sam, Andrew is on the receiving end of a harsh scolding from Foyle, who’s not in the best of moods after having been suspended from duty on a false charge of sedition. Openly angry Foyle is a sight to behold.

Another scene from Alibi that makes me laugh. After learning that his business partner, Martin, was having an affair with Linda and embezzling from the firm, Greg can’t resist giving Martin’s photo a punch.