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Once upon a time, voters actually rejected candidates who spouted “alternative facts”.

No longer. Now that’s demoralizing, Sean Spicer.


The first season [of The Crown] had a much-reported budget of £100 million. To put that into perspective, it works out at about ten times more than the entire series — nine seasons — of my own Foyle’s War.

– Anthony Horowitz, “Why we screenwriters want to work for Netflix more than the BBC

A Netflix stalwart and a Netflix newcomer, Michael Kitchen and Claire Foy, with nary a trilby or crown in sight.

When S7 ended, Foyle was all smiles after his replacement in the police force finally arrived, allowing him to resign and pursue other interests, including a trip to America to carry out his vow to bring Howard Paige to justice.  In 2010 Anthony Horowitz said that he very much hoped the next installment of the show could be shot in America to follow the Paige storyline.  That would have been awesome in more ways than one (MK on American soil!), but unfortunately, budget limitations precluded filming in the US.

Hoping for a book from AH someday…

On the anniversary of Rosalind’s death, Foyle speaks about his wife to Sam.

(Location: St Ethelreda’s Church, Old Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK)

In the wake of the Idris Elba flap and the publication of Trigger Mortis, James Bond pays tribute to Anthony Horowitz and plans a reassessment of Foyle’s War

(tended to send it up as it features BILL TANNER pretending to be a field Policeman code-named MICHAEL KITCHEN; …). But my housekeeper at my Chelsea flat AND M both LOVE it.

“James Bond Gives Anthony Horowitz a Licence to Chill”, movieviral.com


Wonder what changed AH’s mind after this interview was filmed.

Thanks to Acorn for posting these wonderful behind the scenes stills of Foyle’s War S9 filming. More on Pinterest.

And from the S9 featurette, A Day in the Life of Foyle’s War:

Came across some discussion on the city-data.com forum about Michael Kitchen’s continued refusal to do publicity even for the DVD bonus material.

Foyle's War: High Castle: Michael Kitchen: Monowitz closeup 1Foyle's War: High Castle: Michael Kitchen: Monowitz closeup 2
Foyle's War: High Castle: Michael Kitchen: Monowitz closeup 3Foyle's War: High Castle: Michael Kitchen: Monowitz closeup 4

Zooming in on Michael Kitchen’s face is always a good idea.

Foyle's War: High Castle: Michael Kitchen: Monowitz closeup 5

In the S9 DVD featurette The Truth Behind the Fiction: High Castle, Anthony Horowitz said of this scene:

I wanted to see Foyle in front of a concentration camp. That was the single thought that sparked off the very first episode. It occurred to me that if Foyle was the epitome of good and decency in the period 1940 through to ’46, ’47, then it would be quite interesting to juxtapose him against the symbol of all evil.

Michael doesn’t just perform lines – he argues with me, fights with me, makes my life difficult, but always to make it better. He’s never asked for anything that hasn’t improved the script. He’ll look at five lines and say, “Anthony, I don’t need to say any of those lines. I can just do it with a look…” And it’s so irritating that he’s right.

– Anthony Horowitz on working with Michael Kitchen; Daily Mail

Foyle’s War creator Anthony Horowitz says the new series will feature a shock for viewers


Oh golly!

I realize the evolution of FW was probably necessary and appeals to many, but the show is no longer one I greet with the same enthusiasm I once did.  Will only be watching b/c of Michael Kitchen.

So true, pdx144.

Hoping not one minute of it is cut by the time it airs on PBS. (Screening held in a swanky hotel sky bar.) Will S9 be the last of FW?

It takes more than 6 months to do final polishing?

Love how Craig Ferguson speaks for so many Foyle’s War fans.

Anthony Horowitz also indicated that Honeysuckle Weeks would be visiting The Late Late Show on a later date (May 28), so more FW excitement with Craig Ferguson to come!

anonymous said:

DVR is set! cannot wait to see AH on the LATE,LATE SHOW on May 14th…

Yes, I’m hoping AH spills about FW and MK, but even if he doesn’t, I’m sure it’ll be a fun interview.

The photo in the cemetery reminded of this tweet from AH about the last episode of S9.  It’s making me think the worst.  We know AH wasn’t exactly happy to be writing a ninth series of FW.  One sure way of ending his involvement with the show would be to kill off one of the main characters.  That sort of plot twist seems to be happening too often for comfort lately.

redcliffe-me said:

Didn’t he say that one of the ones he wrote was based on a true story and how sad it was?

You’re right.  Here’s the tweet.  I’m at a loss what to think now.

This Chester Chronicle article has a slide show and two videos of the location shooting in Chester and Tattenhall today. One of the photos shows Anthony Horowitz on the set in Chester filming his cameo! A neat view of the entire production can be seen here.  Sadly, MK is nowhere to be seen in the Chester photos as he didn’t arrive on the scene until the production moved to Church Bank in Tattenhall later in the day. 

Preparing for filming on Rodney Street this morning.