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From a Google Groups chat:

I enjoyed Foyle’s Law. I am continually irritated by many police dramas in which the detective insists on putting himself in danger by confronting villains without backup for which he only had to ask. But Foyle doesn’t have recourse to spare constables because they’ve all joined up, so he’s obliged to do all the policing himself.

One of my pet peeves, too, when protagonists enter risky situations alone for no reason other than to ramp up tension in the storytelling. I think the only time Foyle’s War resorts to such theatrics is the final confrontation with Keppler. In general, Foyle has the good sense to avoid taking unnecessary risks, which is in keeping with his prudent, methodical approach to police work.


Bizarre and dismaying to be hearing about my home turf in Irish news reports.

Grateful to have been taking in the views from Mount Brandon instead of sidestepping violent, murderous neo-Nazis invading my town with their sick and twisted reasoning.

Only one correct answer to this question:

Milner gets it right, unlike the craven, despicable man occupying the White House right now.

I wonder what the winning caption for this photo was:

In recognition of International Women’s Day…

The Women’s Land Army hostel offers Sam, Foyle, and Milner a bed for the night and a hearty meal. That tall glass of fresh milk Foyle’s enjoying would have been a treat in wartime England, but today I don’t think there’d be many takers for milk with dinner.

Outspoken women are well represented in this episode.

Catching up on S5 of Suits and surprised to find a Foyle’s War alum has joined the cast. Who can forget Christina Cole as Violet, Andrew’s fresh conquest who belatedly comes to realize that she has divulged details of her love life to none other than her boyfriend’s father? Love Michael Kitchen’s reaction in frame 4.

Communicating with Milner via knee dip again after Dr. Campbell’s unwelcome intrusion.

Sam runs afoul of the Official Secrets Act when she relays to Foyle details she has come across that cast new light on Henry Scott’s death.

In Eagle Day Anthony Horowitz once again deftly integrated multiple plot lines, including Sam’s difficulties with her father.

Wish something just as incriminating would surface, and soon, to turn the tide of support for Tr*mp. Bring on the disillusionment.

Foyle, Sam, and Milner attend a dance organized by the new arrivals from America.

More great behind the scenes photos from the original foyleswar.com site.

A laughter break from investigating crime.

Sadly, no moon here either last night for all the cloud cover. Would have loved to have seen the blood moon eclipse. (Eating mooncakes is some consolation.)

Behind-the-scenes photos from filming of The Russian House (March, 2009) and Trespass (January, 2014).

Foyle's War: The Funk Hole: Michael Kitchen: Milner visits Foyle

Sgt. Milner’s loyalty.

With this frigid February drawing to a close, I’m hoping soon to be doing a lot less of this:

Hard not to be distracted during this scene by the single flipped-up curl.

A gorgeous press photo from the Hungarian site, animare:

Undaunted by her first humiliating attempt at undercover work, Sam sees another opportunity and seizes it.