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Poking fun at a cliché with Michael Kitchen at his deadpan best.


Legend has it that tea was discovered when tree leaves blew into the cup of just boiled water that the Chinese emperor, Shennong, was drinking — about as serendipitous as Foyle knocking over a bag of tea into a basin of water!

Clever use of tea to service the plot with the added bonus of Foyle shown in a moment of carelessness. Nothing careless, though, about Michael Kitchen’s smooth, articulate motions throughout this scene.

Shortchanged on Foyle and Barbara, but at least there was Jack and Christine.

Springing forward with an extra pick-me-up.

An entire month dedicated to my favorite meal of the day isn’t something I can just ignore, so I’m celebrating on this beautiful late-summer day with these and some other breakfast scenes with Michael Kitchen.

After spending the night at Jack’s place, Christine brushes off his romantic entreaties and rushes off to work.  I could do with a lot more scenes like this from Michael Kitchen, from the silly face at the beginning to the kiss to the lingering handhold to the final wistful raising of his eyes.

For St. Patrick’s Day, a riot of exaggerated chewing from Michael Kitchen playing the dastardly William Reid in Kidnapped, one of several occasions he has worked on location in Ireland.

Falling: Michael Kitchen sidelong glance

After two weeks of evidently mind-blowing sex, Daisy has fallen in lust, while Henry feigns modesty and continues his charade of being similarly lovestruck. Another complete conquest seems to be within his grasp.

anonymous asked:

Little wonder that Daisy was ‘barmy’ about Henry Kent. When he lays on that charm, he’s quite irresistible. Thanks for more wonderful pics.

Yes, and who better to play him than MK, who’s usually irresistible without even trying!

I could watch an entire movie of Michael Kitchen as Richard Crane reading his mail while eating breakfast. He’s looking more gorgeous here than anyone ought to first thing in the morning.