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John Farrow on being a dad.

Whether in the guise of Farrow or Foyle, Michael Kitchen has the resignation speech down pat.

The absolute stand out is Michael Kitchen who bristles with boredom as the Prog stars long-time manager, John Farrow and is a genuinely brilliant comic creation. – onthebox.com

(Aside from the obvious one who comes to mind!)

Gorgeous with the jacket off.

John Farrow chucks what I personally thought was a rather ingenious product.


Outtake 1

Outtake 2

Outtake 3

Priceless beyond words.

Preview of Brian Pern: 45 Years of Prog and Roll, Episode 3.

John Farrow, master manipulator – of people and his mobile phone case.

The lion sleeps tonight…

Watch the clip.

LOL, before this:

there was this:

Entire Episode 2 on vimeo.

Lying John Farrow. Michael Kitchen is ace at using a swivel chair.

Caught on a train again. Only thirty-five years on, it’s Michael Kitchen’s character who’s now calling the shots.

Brian fires John via fax and receives his just reward.

Classic John Farrow brilliantly acted by Michael Kitchen.