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John Farrow on being a dad.


The day after?

Like an Old Married Couple according to the amusing TV Tropes page on Brian Pern.

Is there a show that’s not on TV Tropes? I even found Cable Girls, the escapist eye candy from Netflix that I’m rather enjoying at the moment.

Brian Pern and John Farrow rendezvous in the Amazon rainforest aka Kew Gardens. Cute lemur, cute cap.

Airing on March 29, one final 40-minute episode to celebrate the life of Brian Pern:

Following the sudden death of Brian Pern in a segway mistake, BBC Four is to broadcast a special documentary, dedicated to the musician, celebrating his life and work. The one-off will be directed by the award-winning film-maker Rhys Thomas OBE (self-proclaimed) who will talk exclusively to Brian’s friends and family as well as any random celebrities he can get hold of at such short notice. – beyondthejoke

When asked by The British Comedy Guide if he was sure this is the end for Brian, Rhys Thomas replied:

I don’t think there will be any more Brian Pern on TV. You can’t kill someone off and then say ‘not really.’ Once it’s done, it’s done. He could always appear in some archive from the past – I’d like to do more with Thotch perhaps or John Farrow, the manager – there’s more mileage there.

From beyondthejoke’s review:

…this will be hilarious for anyone who has ever chanced upon a quickly cobbled together programme about a dead celebrity. Thotch’s ageing lynchpins Tony Pebble (Nigel Havers) and Pat Quid (Paul Whitehouse) are also on hand to bicker about who was the last one to see Brian alive as they prepare for a benefit gig in aid of Segway Awareness at the Royal Albert Hall. And manager John Farrow (Michael Kitchen) gives Rhys Thomas OBE a reluctant interview having just given his best quotes to Scorsese, who is making a major Pern package for Netflix.

brian pern tribute john farrow scorsese

From The Velvet Onion’s interview with Rhys Thomas:

VO: The procession of guests involved surely helped reached audiences who might otherwise not have tuned in. Everyone’s been fab, but are there any people you’ve been particularly chuffed to bag?
RT: All of them to be honest. It’s so low paid and small [in profile], that most of them would be better off staying in bed! But I think they responded to the scripts really, and to be honest, once Michael Kitchen was in it that attracted some of the bigger actors.

Naturally, the VO piece includes photos of all the regular cast members of Pern except Michael Kitchen.

Very short preview clip.

No wonder Michael Kitchen is now represented by ITG.

Behind the scenes photo from the March 3 filming of scenes for Brian Pern: A Tribute at the Royal Albert Hall.

Too bad George Michael never made a guest appearance on Brian Pern as Rhys Thomas had hoped.

“God Almigh-, it takes your breath away, doesn’t it? Jes…”

Not a day goes by now that I’m not echoing John Farrow’s sentiments as a similarly unqualified director times ten prepares to take the helm.

John Farrow is one Michael Kitchen character who wants nothing to do with babies.

michael kitchen brian pern john farrow closeup1
michael kitchen brian pern john farrow closeup2

More John Farrow in 2017?

Hopefully, more adorable outtakes, too.

michael kitchen giggling1 pern outtake
michael kitchen giggling2 pern outtake
michael kitchen giggling3 pern outtake

brian pern john farrow negotiates a deal 1brian pern john farrow negotiates a deal 2
brian pern john farrow negotiates a deal 3brian pern john farrow negotiates a deal 4

A deal is struck — then unstruck.

From a review at eulogizethis.com:

…it is the ‘straight’ actors who seem to be having the most fun… Michael Kitchen is brilliant as John Farrow, Pern’s expletive-totting, ball-breaking, but ultimately good-hearted manager, doing the bombast naturalistically and never descending into caricature.

From velvetonion.com’s rave review of the Brian Pern The Complete Series 1-3 DVD:

But the real revelation is Michael Kitchen’s comic timing. As John Farrow, he fuses an affectionate homage to Queen’s manager and lawyer Jim Beach, with a pop-up book of tourettes that makes Gordon Ramsey seem like a mummy’s boy. Farrow is the unsung hero of the saga: yes, he puts Brian in dogy situations, but he’s usually the one who gets him out of them, too. The pair can’t stand one another, yet they can’t bear to be apart, and there are moments when John’s loyalty to Brian in spite of it all make him positively endearing, in spite of all the f-bombs. In the hands of this incredibly underrated actor, the character is a real triumph, and it’s a testament to the show that they’ve held onto him since the early viral videos.

Whether in the guise of Farrow or Foyle, Michael Kitchen has the resignation speech down pat.

The absolute stand out is Michael Kitchen who bristles with boredom as the Prog stars long-time manager, John Farrow and is a genuinely brilliant comic creation. – onthebox.com

(Aside from the obvious one who comes to mind!)

Gorgeous with the jacket off.

John Farrow chucks what I personally thought was a rather ingenious product.


Outtake 1

Outtake 2

Outtake 3

Priceless beyond words.

Preview of Brian Pern: 45 Years of Prog and Roll, Episode 3.

John Farrow, master manipulator – of people and his mobile phone case.

The lion sleeps tonight…

Watch the clip.

LOL, before this:

there was this:

Entire Episode 2 on vimeo.

Lying John Farrow. Michael Kitchen is ace at using a swivel chair.