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Is it too much to ask that the POTUS possess none of the disturbing character traits exhibited in these Michael Kitchen portrayals…

and more of the qualities found in Michael Faraday and Christopher Foyle?

Michael Kitchen’s pained expression here almost makes me feel sorry for Roman as he eavesdrops on Anna and hears what she really thinks of him.  Later, he spitefully repeats her words back to her.

Roman’s behavior is supposed to be that of a man unhinged, yet here we are now with a POTUS who just like Roman makes women’s flesh creep and viciously lashes out at those who speak the truth about him. Unbelievable to see lying and bullying on a par with Henry Kent coming from the POTUS.

(Spot-on commentary from LB in praise of MK’s brilliance.)

No love lost between Michael Kitchen and Clive Owen on screen.

Time to go away for a while to a less sweaty part of the world…

(Just noticed that’s the same actor who played Luther’s colleague in Wilderness.)

In the night shadows.

Michael Kitchen film noir style.

Behind bars in Chancer and The Advocates.

I was editing an earlier Chancer post and had to stop for this…

steviecat123 said:

Feeling spoiled today. Another beautiful image. Makes me want to cup his face in my hands and kiss that tiny frown away. Blush.

That never occurred to me, but now that you mention it…  : )

pdx144 said:

Just gets better and better. Gorgeous! Thanks for doing these. Always makes my day.

anonymous said:

Delighted that you stopped long enough to capture that wonderful image from Chancer. It certainly stopped me in my tracks. Please keep up the great work you’re doing to improve the quality of earlier photos which didn’t always do justice to that fabulous face. You’re making many MK fans very happy.

Thank you. So difficult to do justice to his face, but the challenge is what keeps this blog going.

How is it that Michael Kitchen can be so cute and menacing at the same time?

That puppy dog face.