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From the DVD bonus feature, Michael Kitchen chatting with Alison Elliot on the set of The Buccaneers.

Dancing the Virginia Reel in the ballroom scene.


Pity no behind-the-scenes footage of the negotiation scene.


Distracting myself from the horrible reality of today’s main event with a play by Molière. Witnessing the ascension of Tr*mp and his cronies these past months to the highest positions of power is sickening enough to make one consider joining the ranks of misanthropes.

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Two curly-haired, long-lashed beauties — Cherie Lunghi and Michael Kitchen in The Misanthrope fifteen years before they shared the screen again in The Buccaneers.

Anonymous said:

Pivoting MK is matched only by pivoting Cherie Lunghi in “The Buccaneers.” Don’t you love the scene where he calls out to her as she walks away from him and she turns to answer?

A lovely scene. Both MK and CL pivot like dancers.

(Thanks to The Buccaneers, I’ve learned how to pronounce “Brightlingsea”.)

Sir Helmsley romances Miss Testvalley in The Buccaneers (1995).