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Jack’s absence doesn’t cause St. Victor’s to fall apart, but ransomware probably would. I hope all UK hospitals and other victims of today’s malicious cyber attack are able to resume normal operations soon.


They say, best men are moulded out of faults;
And, for the most,
become much more the better
For being a little bad:
Measure for Measure

Loved watching Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton show up on an elector’s doorstep as much as seeing Michael Kitchen’s Jack Turner surprise Christine at her front door – much needed cheer this holiday season and especially today with the unthinkable moving yet closer to becoming official.

Jack’s not sure what hit him as Christine barrels in and out of his office with her sudden decision. A few takes of this scene and both parties are liable to have bruised lips. Love Michael Kitchen’s bug-eyed face.


From The Times (July 6, 2002):

A & E does have the benefit of Michael Kitchen, an actor who couldn’t be dull if he tried. The part calls for him to be one of those charismatic and ruthless mavericks. Kitchen has created a character whose brain appears to be operating on fast forward, creating a weird tension between what he is saying and what he may, or may not, be thinking. It is difficult to describe, but fascinating to watch.

And from The People (July 14, 2002):

But what makes this series a surgeon’s cut above the rest is the calibre of the cast, which includes Niamh Cusack, Martin Shaw, Jane Danson and, lastly but mostly, the wonderful Michael Kitchen as Jack Turner, the arrogant and amorous clinical director of St Victor’s.

With Michael Kitchen delivering those lines while looking like that, I can’t help but wonder if any acting was required by Niamh Cusack to produce her reaction in the last frame. Sigh.

Michael Kitchen and his fellow A&E cast members line up in an awkward pose for a photo featured in the April 7, 2001 issue of Radio Times currently listed on eBay.

Jack Turner is ambitious and a ladies’ man to boot. He wants to rule the roost and is prepared to bend ears and even rules to achieve that. Kitchen, 52, is one of those ubiquitous types…

Wish he were still the ubiquitous type.

Love this flirtatious exchange between Jack and Christine with a tantalizing Mediterranean meal up for offer.

Shortchanged on Foyle and Barbara, but at least there was Jack and Christine.

Jack treads carefully after his indiscretion with Sam.

Adorable when he’s squirming. How did Jane Danson keep a straight face?

Jack Turner shrugs off heartbreak in the final closing shot of A&E.  Just a few months after this episode aired, Foyle’s War premiered.

From an interview with Niamh Cusack about her decision to leave A&E after S4 along with Martin Shaw and Michael Kitchen:

All three bow out in the final episode later this summer when Christine is forced to choose between Robert and Jack. “It’s a bit of a cliffhanger,” says the Dublin-born actress. “It was so emotional. We didn’t think it would be, but it was.

anonymous asked:

What fun I had following the trail of Jack and Christy from the puncture through to MK’s characteristic, “Fine”. Is the rest of A&E as entertaining as the snippets with MK that you have posted?

Can’t thank the writers of A&E enough for the rain scenario. If by “the rest” you are referring to only the MK scenes in A&E, my answer would be a definitive yes. As in FW, those scenes that show the playful and/or private side of MK’s character are the ones I particularly adore. I wish MK had featured more in the show, especially in cute vignettes like this one, but a hospital themed show with an ensemble cast is what it is.

Andie MacDowell did it in Four Weddings and a Funeral. Michael Kitchen improves on it. He is a marvel in this scene.

Niamh Cusack acting out the fantasy of many a female MK fan, and Jack Turner/Michael Kitchen looking adorably flabbergasted at being the object of such desire.

(The rebroadcast of A&E began yesterday on ITV Encore for lucky UK residents who are Sky subscribers. Beginning today, there’s the added bonus of Dandelion Dead.)

Best part about A&E is the interaction between these three characters.

Paul Hoggart wrote in The Times (July 5, 2002):

What saves A&E from absurdity is the strength of the cast, especially the three emotionally entangled consultants played by Martin Shaw, Niamh Cusack and Michael Kitchen. Kitchen, in particular, is the kind of actor who could make the Argos catalogue sound as if it had emotional depth, and brings a largely undeserved authority to the script.

After spending the night at Jack’s place, Christine brushes off his romantic entreaties and rushes off to work.  I could do with a lot more scenes like this from Michael Kitchen, from the silly face at the beginning to the kiss to the lingering handhold to the final wistful raising of his eyes.

A deluge of April showers here today.  Rain in real life never seems to be as romantic as it so often is on film.

pdx144 said:

Could be one of my all time favorite scenes from beginning to end.

Definitely one of mine. The only thing that would make it better is seeing the expression MK’s making in frame 4.

Christine punishes Jack for his transgression by leaving him high and far from dry.

Since pdx144 has been sending me fun links on Martin Shaw, I promised her more of Robert and Jack, here enjoying a smoke while Christine looks on.

(More Martin Shaw posts here.)

After being beaten up in a hospital hallway by the grief-stricken boyfriend of a patient who died on his operating table, Jack receives special first aid from Christine, who has obviously forgotten their argument earlier in the day.

Not as steamy as his kisses in The Four Beauties and The Reporters, since he’s on the receiving end here, but still one for the books, especially combined with his teasing remark afterwards (delivered without eye contact in characteristic MK fashion).

abjectadmirer said:

Note the way he scrapes his top teeth over his bottom lip before going in for Round 2.

Noted.  Repeatedly.  🙂  As much as I like his hands, it would have been preferable had the camera not moved for Round 2!
pdx144 said:

It’s been two days now and I still haven’t moved. Now entering catatonic state.

I do believe GIFs were invented just so we could watch MK puckering up on infinite repeat.  🙂

anonymous said:

Yet another great treat – the complete kissing scene from A&E. Please keep on spoiling us. Can’t think of a nicer way to brighten up a dull, wet, autumn evening.

I’ll do my best to keep the posts coming.  Your autumn weather actually sounds kind of nice as it’s 90 degrees today where I am.  Way too hot for this time of the year.  But then the grass is always greener…