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michael kitchen foyle's war a lesson in murder closeup

Another one of the gorgeous closeup shots of Michael Kitchen from A Lesson in Murder. ****


Foyle listens in amusement as Sam makes small talk with the Milners.

The way he quirks his mouth at this revelation cracks me up… He looks like he’s biting back several comments all at once!  I just know that one of the things he’s thinking is “Presumably NOT in a silent order”…


With Andrew sadly not returning in Series 8, I’m really hoping that writers Anthony Horowitz and David Kane were able to continue to inject some levity into Foyle’s world with at least a few humorous scenes like this between Foyle and Sam in the new series.

Savoring more of Foyle’s grins, because in Series 8, it seems he has even less reason to crack a smile – not that Michael Kitchen doesn’t look great frowning also.