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Another fool in Foyle’s midst.

In her first credited role, Emily Blunt got to act opposite Michael Kitchen and wear a nifty beekeeper’s outfit. Amazing that the real experts in beekeeping require little in the way of protective wear, even when dealing with a swarm of 40,000 bees.

“I was injured in the First War – not very badly – but I was young, alone, frightened. She was a volunteer nurse.”

“I can tell you that she was desperately unhappy with the life she was leading – at her happiest when he was away – but chose to pursue that life for the sake of the child she was carrying.”

Foyle reveals his love affair with Caroline Devereaux to her son. ***

Much of France has something else to celebrate today.

“Situation in which opposed parties maintain a tense, contentious relationship.”

Seems to be the case more often than not these days.

With news of the new spending bill, my day is going a lot better than Foyle’s.

Nice overhead shot of Foyle/Michael Kitchen seated with an open leg cross, a departure from his customary leg cross:

How should men cross their legs? The J Norman Post lifestyle guide answered the question — back when the POTUS was a man of respect and a model of propriety befitting the office he was holding.

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Michael Kitchen will be filming scenes in a caravan again if Rhys Thomas gets his wish.

I wonder what the winning caption for this photo was:

From an interview with Margaret Atwood in the Calgary Herald:

Asked if she binge-watches series, Atwood said she does, but with boxed DVD sets.

“What we just finished was an English series called ‘Foyle’s War,’ set in (the Second World War). It’s very good,” she said.

She added with her signature wry wit: “People of our generation like it because we recognize all the outfits. We were there.”

“Foyle’s War” is a far cry from “The Handmaid’s Tale“, but each in its way is scarily relevant today at a time when the dark undercurrents of society are coming to the fore.

Sam managed to survive her bout with deadly infectious disease. The rest of us may not be so lucky, given Trump’s determination to cut programs vital to our ability to stem a pandemic, the real threat to national security.