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The ravages of chronic pain along with a double addiction to morphine and cocaine – the latter thanks to Freud’s faulty theories – can be seen in von Fleischl’s piteous face.

This scene and this song. *sob*


Von Fleischl’s drink doesn’t go down well.

Von Fleischl offers a worldly solution to Freud’s sleepless nights during his fiancée’s absence.


Freud reminisces about happier times when von Fleischl generously picked up the tab and took him under his wing.  Even a big, bushy beard can’t hide the adorableness of Michael Kitchen’s smile that’s replicated the following year in Out of Africa.

Freud keeps watch over a drugged-out von Fleischl during his lengthy soothing soaks in the bathtub.

The convivial conversation enjoyed by Ernst and Sigmund comes to an abrupt halt when Ernst has a bad reaction to his drink and must be given an immediate injection of morphine.