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Latest study finds that several cups of coffee
each day is good for one’s health.

michael kitchen drinking coffee the russia house

michael kitchen drinking coffee foyle's war high castle

The letter Annie Lennox received reminds me of Michael Kitchen’s infamous coffee shop encounter that was so amusingly recounted by Honeysuckle Weeks for the Daily Mail:


Tippling would be one way to cope with the next four years.

Posted last month by a Shaftesbury resident on northstandchat.com:

Michael Kitchen of Foyle’s War and the like is also a regular [in my local Tesco] and he also uses the same swimming pool as my wife each morning.

Art imitates life.

Michael Kitchen smoking.

Glad Foyle doesn’t smoke. Wonder if MK had anything to do with that decision.

Favorite words to see in opening credits, especially when accompanied by a clip of Michael Kitchen flashing a smile.

The Guardian noted though:

Could it be that whoever dreamed up the opening titles and commissioned the theme music for A&E (ITV1) might possibly have been under the influence of ER? The initials of the department flashing green in the middle of the screen; a soundtrack to suggest the frenetic nature of the department (urgent piano, dramatic drums and the hint of sirens); the actors’ names in lower case: it does all sound rather familiar, doesn’t it? In fact, all that’s missing from this homage/rip-off is Michael Kitchen performing a Benton-esque karate chop.

Grinning at the thought of MK doing Benton’s karate chop (at 00:52 in this video of ER‘s opening credits). Here’s MK chopping away wildly in Dirty Old Town: 🙂

In Dirty Old Town (1995), Michael Kitchen plays Jeremy Swain (presumably no relation to Philip), a movie producer desperately in need of a good script. Since the character’s a bit of a lush, MK’s face is wildly expressive in many scenes – great fun to watch.