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Michael Kitchen running on screen over the years.

Good to know that “An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life“.


Huge explosion emanating from the West Wing.

Constitutional checks and balances at work. Some good news at last.

Poetry in motion.

doomsday gun michael kitchen smile
doomsday gun michael kitchen closeup

steviecat123 said:

Gobsmacked again! Really, really lovely. TY

anonymous said:

WOW! Those Doomsday Gun pics are just fabulous. What a wonderful way to end a rather stressful Monday. THANK YOU.

So glad you like them.  Hope the rest of your week is less stressful.

bplutchak said:

I really enjoyed this movie. Although, MK’s role is over much too soon I love how the character looks around, sees how dangerous it is getting, and calls it quits. Very sensible MK, very sensible.

Yes, it’s always nice when MK’s character doesn’t end up dead at the end of a movie.

Michael Kitchen as Chris Crowley in Doomsday Gun (1994).

In Doomsday Gun (1993), Michael Kitchen plays Chris Cowley, a munitions engineer who helps his boss, Gerald Bull, design the biggest gun ever built.  The contractual buyer of the gun, however, is Saddam Hussein, an inherently dangerous association that eventually makes Cowley rethink his involvement in the project.