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I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michael Kitchen as boyishly playful and cheerful as he is at the beginning of the Norwegian film, Dykket (1989), in which he plays deep sea diver, Bricks. He even wants to raise dolphins after his final dive. Somewhat infeasible maybe, but how cute is that? Unfortunately, things soon turn deadly serious for Bricks and his fellow divers, Gunnar and Rolf, when the solely profit-minded oil company that employs them pressures them to do a dive that goes terribly wrong.

(Good thing MK has his sea legs given the rough seas evident in some of the scenes.) 


Tapping on the fuel gauge in a disaster movie usually portends doom, and it’s no different in Dykket.  With Gunnar’s wife waiting anxiously by the phone for news of her stranded husband, Bricks is determined to embark on a dive to try to save his friend’s life, despite the captain’s warnings that the attempt would be suicidal.

“Thou know’st that all my fortunes are at sea.” – The Merchant of Venice

My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

10.  Bricks in Dykket (1989)

Not a lot of screen time for MK in this movie, but many of those moments are among my all-time MK favorites.

This is for you, kitchentease.  Who needs me to draw Bricks when this animated gif template does the trick in seconds with better results. : )  (One could really go wild inserting MK photos into the hundreds of cool background effects available at photofunia.com and other similar sites.)

Yes, vkwalker, I could easily spend the entire weekend playing with all the amazing effects. The possibilities are endless, and it’s enormous fun to see photos magically transformed – especially MK ones.

Hello Gorgeous. Berkeley Cole in the North Sea, aka Bricks.

Needed some eye candy while doing taxes, and this fit the bill.

britishdetectives said:

He’s always adorable, but perhaps at the height of his beauty in this era.

Yes, the era from Freud to Chancer, I’d venture to say, contained one sigh-inducing screen appearance after another by MK.

Went to see Gravity (3D) over the weekend, so I thought I’d try my hand at a 3D gif using a scene from Dykket (1989), a film which could be considered the deep sea version of Gravity.  Even the characters played by Michael Kitchen and George Clooney are similar, both experts in their respective fields who are all charm and playfulness on the surface.  But when crisis strikes, each man is willing to sacrifice his own life to help a colleague in need.

abjectadmirer said:

Yada yada. All we’re interested in is the cute hairy forearms ;o)

Noted and now tagged.  Thank you for bringing that heretofore unnoticed feature to my attention.

anonymous said:

Clever girl. MK in 3D – I like it a lot. Wouldn’t mind grabbing hold of that hairy forearm.

Would be nice to pull Bricks right out of the screen and keep him (and his hairy forearms) safe and happy amongst a school of dolphins.

pdx144 said:

Gorgeous. Glad to have another telephone picture. I have one on my cellphone as wallpaper. Just makes me smile and gives me endless hope that maybe it’s him calling!

Yes, I remember you have the one from Wilderness.  I wonder if other actors have filmed as many telephone scenes as MK has.

steviecat123 said:

Oh I am with you on this one. If someone said to me would you like to live with this man and raise dolphins I would say, “HELL YEAH!!”. Here’s hoping your trip home was good 🙂 .

😀 😀 How are you able to articulate in the most hilarious way exactly what I’m thinking?  Posting another one from Dykket just to drive home how irresistible MK is in this movie.  Speaking of driving home, yes thanks, all went smoothly.  Just wish sometimes that I didn’t live 2 hrs from the airport.

Bricks is desperate to help his crewmates, Gunnar and Rolf, who are stranded in their vessel 700m below the ocean’s surface and in imminent danger of freezing to death. When Gunnar’s wife calls the ship asking after her husband, Bricks tries his best not to alarm her, but she immediately senses that he is holding back something.  Little does she know that the situation is so dire that Bricks is preparing to risk his own life to try to save his trapped friends.

I’ve noted it before and I’ll note it again – I love Michael Kitchen’s casual wardrobe in this movie. The only other time he wears a parka in a film, as far as I know, is in Reckless: The Sequel, which, of course, achieves an all together different effect. 😀

Michael Kitchen at 40 in jeans, undershirt, and work shirt with sleeves casually rolled up, while operating heavy equipment.