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Leave not the mansion so long tenantless,
Lest, growing ruinous, the building fall
And leave no memory of what it was!
The Two Gentlemen of Verona


Enchanted April received Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress, Best Writing, and Best Costume Design in 1993.

michael kitchen enchanted april oboe

In Enchanted April, George Briggs plays a lovely rendition of Elgar’s “Chanson de Matin” on the oboe.

pdx144 said:

Do we know if MK was actually playing? It would seem to me it would be something he would have wanted to do himself.

I’ve always wondered about that.

Fully expecting George Briggs to be just another grabby man, Lady Caroline Dester is astonished to find that he has eyes only for Rose. But when George learns that Rose is not the widow he assumed she was, he and Caroline find a happy ending together.

Read in DVD Verdict’s review that Enchanted April was made on a very small budget “in twenty-eight days during one of the rainiest months in recent Italian history.” Wouldn’t have guessed it from the final result.

Ever so cute and diminutive standing downhill from 6’2″ Alfred Molina.

Upon their first meeting, George Briggs is immediately taken with Mrs. Rose Arbuthnot, and Michael Kitchen turns on the charm.

In his review of the film for The New Yorker, Michael Sragow wrote:

…Michael Kitchen delivers a tour de force of eccentric charm as the cultured Mr. Briggs…In his adroit and original performance, he transforms Briggs’ oblique peeks into a seductive gaze.

George Briggs and his glasses in Enchanted April (1991).

My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

15. George Briggs in Enchanted April (1991)

I couldn’t very well let this day pass without marking the occasion with a video tribute of my own.  Happy birthday, Mr. Kitchen!

Apologies to anyone hoping to view this video from Germany, where the background song I’ve chosen has unfortunately been blocked on YouTube.  : (

ilyps said:

I’ve just watched your wonderful birthday tribute to MK. What a joy! Particularly those clips from Alibi. Merci beaucoup.

Your comments are much appreciated!

anonymous said:

Another fantastic video – I look forward everyday to see what’s new on your site. Happy Birthday MK – hope you are reading this blog!

Many thanks to such an avid fan of MK and this blog.  I hate to disappoint, but after today I will no longer be blogging here on a daily basis.  It has become more difficult with each day to find the motivation to create new posts, so before complete fatigue sets in, I’ve decided to cut back.

anonymous said:

Lovely, lovely George Briggs. Many, many thanks. Glad you are still managing to keep us happy even though you’re on holiday. Have a great time, even though the gorgeous George isn’t there to share it with you. You’ll have to rely on your imagination.

Thank you for your well wishes.  One more shot of gorgeous George for today…

A big grin from Michael Kitchen as George Briggs in Enchanted April.

steviecat123 said:

I’m so pleased you are giving us posts of MK as George Briggs. ‘Enchanted April’ is one of my all time favourite films, it is so beautifully shot and so uplifting. Today’s posts I believe are from the scene where dear, sweet George gives Rose one of the most wonderful compliments a woman could ever have. If there are MK fans out there who have not seen this film buy, beg, borrow or steal it if you have to.

Thought it’d be appropriate to post about a film in which the characters take a holiday, since I’m away on vacation myself, albeit in a locale almost 10,000 feet higher than lovely Portofino and in a rental that sadly doesn’t belong to George Briggs!

A moonlit encounter between George Briggs and Caroline Dester leads to revelations and romance in Enchanted April (1992).

FYMK commented: Actually he plays the piano in The Buccaneers, and the oboe in Enchanted April, both of which I recommend.

Yes, I forgot about the few short bars he plays in The Buccaneers.  In Enchanted April I’ve always assumed that his oboe playing is just good miming, since the oboe is such a difficult instrument to play well.  Few novices would be able to get more than a squeak from the instrument.  If it is indeed MK playing the oboe, then I am beyond impressed by his skills!


Did someone say Michael Kitchen?

…the moment George Briggs discovers the object of his affection passionately kissing another man, and all hearts break for him.