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Glad to know Michael Kitchen is enjoying this Spring bank holiday weekend in Poole Harbour – doing some sailing presumably in addition to browsing books. Wish I were there in the beautiful weather taking in the magnificent sights.
The market day donation to Bowel Cancer UK was made in honor of powerboat racer and sailing enthusiast, Robin Culpan. Michael Kitchen attended Culpan’s memorial on January 11 and opened the service with a reading of John Masefield’s
Sea Fever“.


That would be me if I were so lucky. I should have chosen to vacation in Siena, despite the heat!

A spoof ad featuring voice impressions of all six James Bonds plus Michael Caine, Edward Fox, and Michael Kitchen. 🙂

Found the ad posted on the MI6Community.com forum where another member posted about meeting Michael Kitchen:

Michael Kitchen lived very close to where I grew up in the UK. I was awestruck when he visited my fathers farm one day on business. He was incredibly nice and signed my making of Goldeneye book for me. He did seem genuinely shocked to be recognised. This was before he become more well known in Foyles War.

Michael Kitchen visiting your family’s farm? How does one get so lucky?!

Seems that whenever I come across a mention of Michael Kitchen in the Bond franchise, there is agreement that he was a brilliant Tanner. Again from the MI6community forum, a comment that amused me:

Kitchen’s Tanner is the closest we’ve ever seen of the character being properly portrayed…
Now if I worked for MI6 and was sitting around doing bugger all I can imagine Kitchen giving me a bollocking…

A shame Michael Kitchen had only brief appearances in two Bond films.

GoldenEye: James Bond: Bill Tanner: Michael Kitchen head turn

A couple of Michael Kitchen fans received a swoonworthy Christmas present in the form of the actor himself when he showed up in the waiting room of their workplace in Leicester. What’s more, he had an appointment to return the following week. Fortune smiles on some.

And from another lucky lady in Leicester:

I worked at M&S on Fosse park and he was shopping. I must have stood there with my mouth open staring at him cos he oh so nonchalantly smiled his special smile and said hello and sailed on by. I swooned. love him.

Michael Kitchen attended the Kinks Musical, Sunny Afternoon, where he was recognized by a very lucky fan sitting in front of him:

The Harold Pinter Theatre where Sunny Afternoon is playing is described in this fascinating NY Times article, “Lost in the Magic of London’s Theatres”.

MK being waylaid by a fan again, and he’s not looking too comfortable with it this time – or as cmee57 notes, the sun is just in his eyes. Wonder if she also got his autograph as another fan managed a few years ago.

Just been for a walk around the Albert Dock for a bit of fresh air and bumped into this guy, anyone seen him before, he’s Michael Kitchen the inspector in Foyle’s War, a really nice guy. – John Coyle

Bundled up off the set of Foyle’s War on January 26.

Michelle (helping him with his phone?) missed her opportunity, but another lucky gal grabbed hers –  what a great photo!  (Hats off to Bee on QE.)  So he must have been filming on Percy Street on Monday after all.

pdx144 said: He looks adorable and happy!

Doesn’t he just.  Love this photo!

anonymous said:

Just another nameless super fan who appreciates exceptional acting. Just had to chime-in about the photo. Yes he does look happy and shamelessly adorable! May God continue to bless him.

Thanks for visiting, fellow super fan.

KT said:

So lovely to see the real MK behind the wonderful actor. What happened to our sharp-dressed man? Just want to reach up and straighten that crumpled coat collar 🙂 

And give the lower part of his coat a quick press. :- ) He may be trying to keep his chest warm with the collar.  Looks like he could really use a scarf.

I’m thinking that prior to his latest feat at Trinity Church Tower, Michael Kitchen may have abseiled down a fair number of rock faces while participating in Scouts, first as a Church of the Martyrs cub scout in Leicester and then later as an adult volunteer in Shaftesbury:

I went to my barbers – sorry, hairdressers – recently for a pre-2005 reunion haircut.  I explained the purpose of my visit to him and casually dropped into the conversation that I went to school with Michael Kitchen, the famous actor.  The hairdresser replied that MK was one of his mates from Scouts.  Not to be out-done, I went on to say that I invited MK to a school reunion a couple of years ago, but he declined the invitation because he was too busy.  The hairdresser then said he went to a Scouts reunion some 30 years ago and MK was there in the company of Joanna Lumley – who was lovely.  Out-done big time!!

– Frank Smith, Michael Kitchen’s classmate at the City of Leicester Boys Grammar School from 1960-66, contributing to the alumni newsletter

I have the privilege of being the Scout patrol leader who had Michael Kitchen as his number two. – Alan Mitchell reminiscing about living in Shaftesbury

Michael Kitchen was also head choir boy at the Church of the Martyrs in Leicester. “Great soloist” according to two persons commenting on Facebook. Another fellow choir member who joined in 1959 posted on Facebook that MK was among the boys who helped initiate him by throwing him into the holly bush. “All good fun!”

Sadly, MK has done very little singing on screen.

Brimstone and Treacle: Michael Kitchen singing

Another local in Leicester had quite the celebrity encounter:

his mom was cutting my hair n he walked in with Joanna Lumley wow i turned to jelly bigtime

I wonder if this happened during the same visit to Leicester:

Sat next to him in Hazel Street Junior school, then years later I was part-time barmaid at the Huntsman on Narborough Road. It was late 70’s I would say, Easter Sunday lunchtime session. I was working and Michael, his then girlfriend and several other people came in. I recognised him immediately but chickened out of introducing myself. I assume he’d just come visiting for Easter. Incidentally, his girlfriend at the time was none other than Joanna Lumley!

Another ’70s encounter recalled by a local:

i worked in lewis`s in 1974 as a saturday girl,he bought some sausages from my stall,he was on tv then, as one of the eyre children,such a nice man.