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Just finished reading Robert Harris’s novel, An Officer and a Spy, about the astounding Dreyfus affair and can’t help thinking that I’m living through a similar abuse of power at the highest levels of government. We need the equivalent of a Colonel Picquart to expose the corruption and lies. Two other bestsellers authored by Harris, Fatherland and Archangel, are familiar to fans of Michael Kitchen. If only the Trump presidency were like the Nazi regime in Fatherland — alternate history fiction.


Perk of being an extra on Foyle’s War.

Michael Kitchen plays an SS officer again in the alternative history film, Fatherland (1994), which unfolds in the 1960’s under the premise that Germany won World War II and the Holocaust is still a closely guarded state secret.  MK’s Max Jaeger receives some rough treatment from a towering Gestapo agent who’s looking for Jaeger’s senior partner in the police force.

Foyle can’t quite keep a straight face as he takes in the preposterous idea of Sam becoming a nun.

Reminds me of this scene from Fatherland when MK was the driver listening in on his boss rather than the other way around:

Michael Kitchen makes eyes at Rutger Hauer.