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Magnificent photo. So-so spelling.


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A time when murder investigations rarely involved a multitude of bullets (and victims) at the crime scene.

Saddened to learn that John Mahoney has left us. Just four years ago, he was filming his guest appearance on Foyle’s War. The one exchange he shared with Michael Kitchen in High Castle was wordless:

Seems Mr. Mahoney cherished his privacy also, turning down almost all publicity. “I would rather walk across broken glass,” he told Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune. Yet unlike MK, JM sat down for some lengthy interviews over the years and showed himself to be a wonderfully engaging, articulate man. Wish we could see that side of MK as well.

Lies, lies, and more lies. With Foyle upholding the law, Michael Turner pays the price for his treachery. Who’s holding the Trump administration and the GOP accountable to the truth? Neither entity shows much respect for the rule of law.

DCI Jane Tennison/Helen Mirren: Don’t call me “ma’am”. I’m not the bloody queen.

DCS Christopher Foyle/Michael Kitchen: Well, unfortunately, the facts appear to suggest otherwise.


On the 78th anniversary of Gone with the Wind

(Location: St Mary’s Church, Braughing, Hertfordshire, UK)

I wonder if the green color was chosen as an intentional reference to Scarlett O’Hara.

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Like others before him who objected to Foyle’s necessary intrusion during an investigation, Bishop Wood might as well have saved his breath. Foyle shuts him down with a sharp rebuke and a hard stare.

If only members of the GOP who “have blocked, stonewalled, and rejected … basic requests to investigate, hold public hearings, and advance legislation” about Russian meddling could be made to see sense so easily.

From a Google Groups chat:

I enjoyed Foyle’s Law. I am continually irritated by many police dramas in which the detective insists on putting himself in danger by confronting villains without backup for which he only had to ask. But Foyle doesn’t have recourse to spare constables because they’ve all joined up, so he’s obliged to do all the policing himself.

One of my pet peeves, too, when protagonists enter risky situations alone for no reason other than to ramp up tension in the storytelling. I think the only time Foyle’s War resorts to such theatrics is the final confrontation with Keppler. In general, Foyle has the good sense to avoid taking unnecessary risks, which is in keeping with his prudent, methodical approach to police work.

Looking back at 2017 in the rearview mirror and agreeing with Paul Krugman that although “Donald Trump has been every bit as horrible as one might have expected”, America Is Not Yet Lost.  So… to better days — and more from Michael Kitchen — in the new year ahead despite the formidable odds.

Color and mood befitting this Saturday spent in the warmth of SoCal.

As serendipitous as Foyle knocking over a bag of tea into a basin of water!

Clever use of tea to service the plot with the added bonus of Foyle shown in a moment of carelessness. Nothing careless, though, about Michael Kitchen’s smooth, articulate motions throughout this scene.

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Random moments of beauty from All Clear.

Decency: 49.9%    Evil: 48.4%     Trump and GOP humiliation: 100%

Thank heaven for … Alabama?

During his appearance before the congressional committee yesterday, I’m sure Trump Jr. spoke as truthfully about his family’s dealings with Russia as Marion Greenwood did about her relationship with William Messinger.

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June 7, 2014: I miss the lighter side of Foyle.

December 3, 2017: I miss the lighter side of being an American citizen.

Robert Mueller III is our real-life Foyle right now, a tenacious and tight-lipped investigator. “Mueller has moved so swiftly that it has left Trump’s team grasping for answers about how far the probe might ultimately reach.” (The Washington Post, Dec. 1, 2017)

michael kitchen foyle's war broken souls no one is above suspicion

I wish we could say the same for the POTUS. Thousands of “psychiatrists warn about Trump’s mental state“.