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Seems lawyers have dubbed the first working Monday in January after the holidays “Divorce Day“. Sadly, like Richard and Anna, many couples reach a crisis point in their relationship around this time of the year.


Thinking about getting this shirt to wear while I’m abroad this summer.

Michael Kitchen’s acting is nothing short of explosive in this scene when Richard Crane finally throws off the cloak of repentance and hits back at Anna.  His “Yes, if you say so” gets me every time. Difficult to say who’s more in the right in this showdown, but when Michael Kitchen delivers a speech, it’s impossible not to be swayed towards his character’s point of view. And this is a doozy of a speech. Lovely to see Richard Crane finally become a father in Reckless: The Sequel. That child will surely be spoiled rotten. ****

How COULD you, America?


Even Anna finally melts and dissolves into tears while listening to Richard’s soul-baring monologue delivered with such pathos by Michael Kitchen.

Another of Michael Kitchen’s on-screen marriages goes kaput, with childlessness once again blamed as a contributing factor. Steven, Sarah, Richard, Anna, Greg, and Linda might have come to better terms with their situation if they’d read this article. Oh well, on the bright side, divorce means no longer having to live with your wife’s decorating tastes:

The fight scene from Reckless.

Michael Kitchen looking fine in a double-breasted suit alongside equally gorgeous Francesca Annis.

Michael Kitchen does crestfallen so well.

No signs at all of a troubled marriage in the early scenes of Reckless.

A publicity still for Reckless that was shown during Russell Baker’s introduction to the mini-series when it aired on Masterpiece Theatre.  I do miss those prologues and afterwords by Alistair Cooke and Russell Baker, which as MK himself has noted, added wonderful depth to the programming.

MK’s bed head in this scene made me giggle –  the curls are every which way!  🙂

Four years before Reckless, Michael Kitchen and Francesca Annis appeared together in The Fifth Estate (1993), an episode of Between the Lines – he as journalist Roger Boshier and she as a liaison from the Home Office assisting MI5 and the police in investigating the disappearance of an alleged royal tape recording from his desk.  Boshier is quite similar to Richard Crane – arrogant and self-assured – while FA’s character gets it on with a younger man in this show too, but unlike Reckless, her dalliance is of no concern to MK’s character.


Anna and Leni obviously know the best place to put their hands.  (Francesca Annis and Polly Walker are two lucky actresses!)  In both scenes Michael Kitchen’s character accepts the fawning attention of the female character with such nonchalance — being irresistible is just a matter of course for him!

Richard Crane taking punishment from Anna in Reckless (1997).  Can’t help but feel sorry for him here.

Michael Kitchen demonstrating his talent for physical comedy.

pdx144 said:

You always make me want to watch things again. I’ve got King Lear sitting here waiting for me and definitely need to pull out Reckless.  I’m thinking we’ll probably never see him do major things like Reckless again.  Seems he’s only doing minor things, aside from FW, since Mobile.  So glad we have this great old stuff to keep watching!

Yes, sadly, it does seem his career is winding down.  I’m ever so grateful he did Reckless, which to me was an ideal showcase for his versatility as an actor.

Apparent marital bliss between Richard and Anna in Reckless (1997).

Richard Crane gets his wish.