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The ravages of chronic pain along with a double addiction to morphine and cocaine – the latter thanks to Freud’s faulty theories – can be seen in von Fleischl’s piteous face.

This scene and this song. *sob*


Bedridden von Fleischl samples Freud’s cocaine elixir.

Von Fleischl’s drink doesn’t go down well.

Von Fleischl offers a worldly solution to Freud’s sleepless nights during his fiancée’s absence.


Freud reminisces about happier times when von Fleischl generously picked up the tab and took him under his wing.  Even a big, bushy beard can’t hide the adorableness of Michael Kitchen’s smile that’s replicated the following year in Out of Africa.

Freud keeps watch over a drugged-out von Fleischl during his lengthy soothing soaks in the bathtub.

Lying on a divan with his shirt loose, blanket tucked high, exuding sweet vulnerability, Michael Kitchen looks positively dreamy here as the afflicted Professor von Fleischl.  He’s sampling a cocaine concoction Freud has given to him in the belief that it will alleviate his debilitating symptoms.

“You know, I’m beginning to feel quite transported already,”  he remarks minutes after downing the drink.


pdx144 said:

Not a fan of facial hair, but the face under that beard is gorgeous. Don’t suppose we’ll see the naked MK getting out of the tub??

No, sorry, not going there.  Too risqué for this blog.

The convivial conversation enjoyed by Ernst and Sigmund comes to an abrupt halt when Ernst has a bad reaction to his drink and must be given an immediate injection of morphine.

Playing another character with abundant facial hair and a destructive drug habit, Michael Kitchen appears opposite David Suchet in Freud (1984) as the acclaimed neurologist’s friend and colleague, Ernst von Fleischl-Marxow, “…a pleasant departure too from this actor’s stock of ironic flyboys and flawed heroes”, wrote Russell Davies in his review for The Observer (Sep. 24, 1984).

bplutchak said:

Wow. I don’t usually like MK with a beard. Apparently, I’ve been seeing the wrong beard.

Haha, exactly what I thought when I first saw MK in Freud.