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Forty-four years ago today The Reporters premiered on BBC’s Play for Today with Michael Kitchen in one of his earliest starring roles on TV.  Such a treat to see MK acting the character of the ambitious young reporter, Alan, who laughs with abandon and plants sweet kisses on the lips of his “bird”. Clive James described MK as “precociously accomplished” in his review for The Guardian (Oct. 15, 1972).

A note about the filming location in Radio Times, Oct. 9, 1972:

To give the play an authentic newsroom atmosphere, much of the action was filmed on location in the office of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph in Blackburn. Its huddled, open-plan muddle of a reporters’ room has that manic depressive air of inefficient urgency, of impassioned ennui that journalists are so proud of.


michael kitchen brian pern john farrow closeup1
michael kitchen brian pern john farrow closeup2

More John Farrow in 2017?

Hopefully, more adorable outtakes, too.

michael kitchen giggling1 pern outtake
michael kitchen giggling2 pern outtake
michael kitchen giggling3 pern outtake


Outtake 1

Outtake 2

Outtake 3

Priceless beyond words.

Michael Kitchen as Mr. Letchworth in the short-lived TV series, Sunnyside Farm (1997). Looks like he quite enjoyed acting the role, but his participation wasn’t enough to prevent the show from being panned by most viewers and critics.  From a review in The Spectator:

The programme is predictably quite unpredictable, by which I mean that a joke is signalled so far in advance that you cannot believe they are actually going to use it…

On top of this, quite inexplicably, we have Michael Kitchen (what in the name of the Lord is he doing mired in this rubbish?) as the wicked landlord. The running joke is that he wants his money: ‘One week max, or say goodbye to your kneecaps.’ Ha! Ha!

…sitcoms really need only two ingredients: good jokes and at least one character you either like or at least identify with. If you produce half an hour without a single decent gag and a collection of characters who rival each other only for stupidity and brutish nastiness, you are certain to end up with a disaster, though rarely one as great as Sunnyside Farm.

Where else, though, does one get to watch Michael Kitchen in a fit of high-pitched chortling? 😀 😀

One of Michael Kitchen’s earliest roles was in the thriller film, Unman, Wittering, and Zigo (1971), in which he plays Bungabine, a boarding school student who colludes with his fellow delinquent classmates so that teaching them becomes a scary life or death situation.  Dead Poets Society this is not.

Had to make GIFs of this interview with Michael Kitchen on the set of Sista kontraktet/The Last Contract (1998).  Again, thanks to Riditilus for uploading this rare footage to YouTube.