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My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

2. Richard Crane in Reckless (1997) and Reckless: The Sequel (1998)

From the absurdly comical to the heartbreakingly tender, MK demonstrates his incredible acting range playing an arrogant surgeon who will do almost anything to prevent his wife from leaving him for another man.

Much of that fun is the work of Michael Kitchen, doing another turn as the abject and conniving Dr. Richard Crane… The mix of misery and resolve that Michael Kitchen brings to this character is altogether wonderful to see. – The Wall Street Journal, Apr. 12, 1999

This plug for Reckless written by Hikari on an Amazon.com forum is perfection.


Michael Kitchen Berkeley Cole Out of Africa
Michael Kitchen Berkeley Cole Out of Africa
Michael Kitchen Berkeley Cole Out of Africa
Michael Kitchen Berkeley Cole Out of Africa

My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

9. Berkeley Cole in Out of Africa (1985)

Meryl Streep was one lucky actress playing opposite MK and Robert Redford amidst the beauty of Africa.

Meryl Streep thought her leading man was perfect, but one wonders how much better the movie might have been had Michael Kitchen been cast in the role of Denys Finch Hatton.

mesmerizing michael kitchen love at first sight

Mr. Kitchen is possibly the eighth wonder of the world. Never flashy … but nevertheless the center of every frame in which he appears.hikari

From John Powers’s review of Foyle’s War on NPR:

What makes the whole thing irresistible is Michael Kitchen’s enthralling performance as Foyle, who, in his reticence, sly humor and triumphant decency, is our fantasy of the ideal Englishman.

The other Elizabeth in Foyle’s life didn’t fare so well either:

F: Elizabeth –
E: How are you, Christopher? I mean, are you happy?
F: Well, uh, we’re at war. And I do worry about Andrew.
E: I’m not happy. I’ve been married to Arthur for twenty years. It was our wedding anniversary a week ago. He’s been very kind to me. He’s a very kind man.

E: I was so sorry when I heard about Rosalind, really I was. I wanted to write. I tried, but all the time I kept thinking, after she died, um, maybe you and I…I hoped–
F: Shouldn’t be doing this. It was all far too long ago. It was all very different then.
E: Well, everything’s different now.
F: This is a mistake, Elizabeth.
E: No. I made the mistake years ago. I know that now. Can you forgive me?
F: There’s nothing to forgive. We were both very different people.

Elizabeth Lewes visits Foyle to declare her abiding love for him, but her hopes for a reconciliation are quickly crushed.

Interesting discussion of Foyle and Elizabeth’s relationship on the amazon.com movie forum.