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These two.


On this frigid day…

Foyle doesn’t typically wear gloves, preferring instead to keep his hands in his coat pockets, so it must have indeed been cold out on that windy airfield as Honeysuckle Weeks described in the Daily Mail:

We’re filming on an airfield today and there’s no protection from the biting wind. At this stage in the shoot everyone, including Michael, who’s normally impervious to heat or cold, is putting on every thermal layer available to them.

In memory of Alan Howard, whose performance as Stephen Beck in Foyle’s War was among the show’s most poignant.

From a review of Elise by cultbox.co.uk:

If we started by asking ‘How do you live after the War?’ we end up asking ‘How do you live with what you did during it?’ In the final section of the episode we discover that in Hilda’s case, she can’t live with what she has learnt. An unshowy performance by Ellie Haddington as Hilda makes her final, shocking action all the more moving.

As for Foyle himself, he and the late Hilda Pierce could hardly be described as bosom buddies but there’s a streak of honour and absolute integrity that runs through them both…

…which is why, no doubt, our final shot is of Foyle leaving Hilda’s funeral and very pointedly turning away from Dr Addis and any possibility of a future with her. Is there some hint of attraction there? Yes, probably. But the fact that she can live with the horrible truth that killed Hilda, means she can no longer figure in his world.


Michael Kitchen prepares to film this scene:

I love how Foyle nails Hilda Pierce and Sir Alec with his knowledge of the switched body. Valentine’s reaction as the revelation sinks in is priceless.

abjectadmirer said:

Foyle nailing Hilda Pierce. Hmm. Now there’s an idea. Nobody’s written that one yet.

I think that territory might be best left unexplored.

pdx144 said:

Agree, last 15 min was classic Michael Kitchen at his best. Do hope he makes up with Hilda though. Their scenes make it worth him being in MI-5 instead of Hastings!

Yes, I was hoping that in S8 Hilda and Foyle would continue to have a relationship of mutual benefit and respect rather than become adversaries.

Perfect ending for this episode.

Apparently, in the time it took Foyle to join her in her car, Hilda Pierce restyled her hair and went from curly to straight.  🙂

I love their relationship.  Each knows how to pull the other’s strings.

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Despite his misgivings, Foyle agrees to temporarily withhold information to help the war effort, and as a result, his hopes for a transfer are dashed again. Hilda Pierce owes him big time: