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michael kitchen family tom stoppard birthdaymichael kitchen tom stoppard birthday

Michael Kitchen, Rowena Miller/Kitchen, and their son, Jack, attend Tom Stoppard’s birthday party at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London on July 1.

He’s gotten his thirty-something figure back.

Michael Kitchen and his wife were also photographed together at the 1994 BAFTA Awards where he was a best actor nominee for To Play the King.


My Passion – Michael Kitchen

Add sailing to Michael Kitchen’s hobbies.  His yacht is moored in Poole Marina. A member of this football forum actually saw MK “at the self-service checkout of B&Q in Poole”. Thank you to dancesabove for sharing this splendid interview from 2008 with accompanying photo of MK and his son, Jack.

anonymous asked:

How old are MK’s sons?

According to this TV Times article, MK’s older son, Jack, was born in October 1988, which would make him 24 now.  His other son, Jamie, is just over 6 years younger. Both are mentioned in the following quote reflecting MK’s dry wit:

“Fitted is now in his GCSE year, and Farmhouse is currently in second-year prep.”  Radio Times, Oct. 2004

bplutchak said:

For the longest time I didn’t get the fitted kitchen joke. I live in Wisconsin, where farms that have been around for 100 years get a plack from the governor. When houses always come with “fitted” kitchens we don’t need a special word for them.

You’re not the only one.  I didn’t get it until I saw the quote referenced on the tv.com site.  (Incidentally, your state rep and former VP nominee was sitting a few rows in front of me on the plane earlier this week. Unfortunately, not the brush with fame I dream of… )

The finest father and son pair to grace the screen, IMO.  I like that while the merits of fly fishing may forever be a point of contention between Foyle and Andrew, the activity is nevertheless one over which they share a special bond.  Reminds me of this TV Times interview from the early 90’s in which Michael Kitchen spoke of fishing with his own son, 5-year-old Jack:

“Wonderful weather, beautiful river and a bit of Sunday fishing with the boy,” Michael says with a smile. “We caught nothing, but it couldn’t have mattered less.”

anonymous said:

I just love those fishing scenes with CF and his son. There’s real warmth between them. That human side of Foyle was missing in the last series, and he came across as a rather cold, isolated man. I want to see his lighter side with some personal background, which is what made the first series of FW so memorable. Thanks for updating the marvellous pics from The German Woman. ****