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Best part about A&E is the interaction between these three characters.

Paul Hoggart wrote in The Times (July 5, 2002):

What saves A&E from absurdity is the strength of the cast, especially the three emotionally entangled consultants played by Martin Shaw, Niamh Cusack and Michael Kitchen. Kitchen, in particular, is the kind of actor who could make the Argos catalogue sound as if it had emotional depth, and brings a largely undeserved authority to the script.


After spending the night at Jack’s place, Christine brushes off his romantic entreaties and rushes off to work.  I could do with a lot more scenes like this from Michael Kitchen, from the silly face at the beginning to the kiss to the lingering handhold to the final wistful raising of his eyes.

Favorite words to see in opening credits, especially when accompanied by a clip of Michael Kitchen flashing a smile.

The Guardian noted though:

Could it be that whoever dreamed up the opening titles and commissioned the theme music for A&E (ITV1) might possibly have been under the influence of ER? The initials of the department flashing green in the middle of the screen; a soundtrack to suggest the frenetic nature of the department (urgent piano, dramatic drums and the hint of sirens); the actors’ names in lower case: it does all sound rather familiar, doesn’t it? In fact, all that’s missing from this homage/rip-off is Michael Kitchen performing a Benton-esque karate chop.

Grinning at the thought of MK doing Benton’s karate chop (at 00:52 in this video of ER‘s opening credits). Here’s MK chopping away wildly in Dirty Old Town: 🙂

Michael Kitchen in character appraising the opposite sex.

Telling that among the three men, the woman chooses to aim her assets at JT/MK.

Christine punishes Jack for his transgression by leaving him high and far from dry.

This is what I mean, pdx144.  😉

pdx144 replied:

Thanks, KF. Big shirts hide a multitude of sins… manboobs, love handles, etc. etc. Good to see the man in action.

I’m not a fan of ill-fitting clothes either, especially the over-sized undershirt, but the tennis here is such a treat that I’m more than willing to overlook it and any sins it’s hiding.  He’s one “mean tennis player” indeed.

anonymous said:

Thank you for bringing some sunshine to a miserable, grey day, KF. MK playing tennis is a treat indeed; I had no idea DCS Foyle was hiding such great legs under that long overcoat!

Both his tennis skills and his legs are impressive!

To mark the premiere of George Gently S6, the next best thing to Foyle’s War S9 imo, here’s Martin Shaw with Michael Kitchen in a scene from A&E. The anesthesiologist is unavailable, so Jack and Robert decide to go with plan B for setting a patient’s dislocated bone. After Jack completes the procedure successfully, MK does his adorable smile with the downward nod – knocks me dead every time.

pdx144 tells me that the first episode of GGS6 has already streamed on AcornTV, days before it even airs in the UK.  Could we have the same arrangement for FWS9, please, or at least a same-day premiere?

After being beaten up in a hospital hallway by the grief-stricken boyfriend of a patient who died on his operating table, Jack receives special first aid from Christine, who has obviously forgotten their argument earlier in the day.

Not as steamy as his kisses in The Four Beauties and The Reporters, since he’s on the receiving end here, but still one for the books, especially combined with his teasing remark afterwards (delivered without eye contact in characteristic MK fashion).

abjectadmirer said:

Note the way he scrapes his top teeth over his bottom lip before going in for Round 2.

Noted.  Repeatedly.  🙂  As much as I like his hands, it would have been preferable had the camera not moved for Round 2!
pdx144 said:

It’s been two days now and I still haven’t moved. Now entering catatonic state.

I do believe GIFs were invented just so we could watch MK puckering up on infinite repeat.  🙂

anonymous said:

Yet another great treat – the complete kissing scene from A&E. Please keep on spoiling us. Can’t think of a nicer way to brighten up a dull, wet, autumn evening.

I’ll do my best to keep the posts coming.  Your autumn weather actually sounds kind of nice as it’s 90 degrees today where I am.  Way too hot for this time of the year.  But then the grass is always greener…

Sparks fly between Jack and Christine.

pdx144 said: Sexual frenzy……I’m hyperventilating!

That line conjures up a bevy of tantalizing thoughts… love watching MK play such a rascal.

anonymous said:

One of my favourite scenes from A&E. He does make such a charming rascal. Nobody does it better. I love the grin on his face when he says ‘Yep’.

steviecat123 said:  Undeniably and absolutely, adorable with a capital A.

abjectadmirer said:

Better than ice cream. And licking the ssssspooon.

Yes, he’s the ultimate combination of British and delicious, but this does run a close second:

bplutchak said:

So, if I were to start talking to you about sticky toffee pudding you would know exactly who I mean?

MK aka Mr. Sticky Toffee Pudding – our secret guilty pleasure.

Even though she’s onto Jack, Christine nevertheless allows herself to be lured into having dinner with him. The two ostensibly “talk shop”, but there’s no mistaking the double entendres. By the time the waitress arrives to take their orders, Christine’s already decided to accept Jack’s overtures.

His reputation preceding him, Jack feigns innocence when Christine calls him out during a drink after work. 

anonymous said:

Please tell me I am not going mad. You did put up an A&E post this morning. Now it’s gone back into the archives, am I right? A shame they never put A&E on DVD. With Martin Shaw and Michael Kitchen in a series, what more could you ask for in a show? (2/17/2015)

You’re perfectly sane. That post can be found under the A&E tag if you’d like to see it again. Here’s another one from the updated archives in which the two MDs display their ineptitude for repairing hospital equipment:


I think you’d have double the incentive to land with an injury in this hospital;  even better would be to assume Niamh Cusack’s enviable role. (Mr. Shaw is growing on me, btw.  Why hasn’t MK done a film where he’s lying on a beach barefoot in rolled-up pants and a cable-knit sweater?)

steviecat123 said:

If I thought Dr. Jack Turner was working in our orthopaedic theatres I would be going back to work on Monday skipping and jumping, with a song in my heart and volunteering for theatre duty :))

Yes, J, seeing these eyes across the operating table would make returning from vacation a lot easier.  Oh well, hope you have a good work week just the same.

pdx144 said:

If I thought Jack Turner was working in our orthopedic surgery, I’d break my own bones.

Thanks for keeping me in stitches, steviecat123 and pdx144.

Jack reacts to a verbal jab from Christine.

pdx144 said: Being that cute should be illegal.

A lot of things about MK should be illegal.

Drs. Jack Turner and Christine Fletcher meet for the first time.  Her eyes say it all.

steviecat123 said: Ooh er, don’t they just. And who can blame her?

pdx144 said: Oh, sorry, I forgot my lines…gulp!

A table height adjustment is necessary when Jack hands over the surgery to Robert.

pdx144 said: Nearly fell over when I first saw this scene. Too funny.

You’ve got to love him.  It’s not even as if Martin Shaw is that much taller.

From The Guardian:

A & E – formerly known as Always And Everyone but that made things too easy – has an entertaining double act in Michael Kitchen and Martin Shaw, playing surgeons. Two serious actors though, of course, not at their most serious here. Shaw gazes benevolently over his spectacles and Kitchen twinkles wickedly over his mask. As Lord Olivier used to say, “It’s all in the eyes, dear boy.” Admire their acting as they both pretend to smoke. It takes years to perfect that sort of aplomb.

Michael Kitchen joined the cast of A&E for the show’s last two series in 2001-02 playing Jack Turner, a charismatic if somewhat cocky orthopedic surgeon who becomes involved in hospital politics and romance.

I like the way the Daily Mail describes the new addition to the cast:

Returning stars Martin Shaw and Niamh Cusack are joined by smouldering new consultant – and love interest – Michael Kitchen…

steviecat123 said: It is like watching a facial ballet. Mesmerising :))

A&E Michael Kitchen in tux closeup

Jack Turner’s smooth facade begins to show cracks when he is involved in a car accident that leads to him misdiagnosing a patient with disastrous results.