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Priceless beyond words.

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come. – The Merchant of Venice


Preview of Brian Pern: 45 Years of Prog and Roll, Episode 3.

John Farrow, master manipulator – of people and his mobile phone case.

The lion sleeps tonight…

Watch the clip.

LOL, before this:

there was this:

Entire Episode 2 on vimeo.

Lying John Farrow. Michael Kitchen is ace at using a swivel chair.

Caught on a train again. Only thirty-five years on, it’s Michael Kitchen’s character who’s now calling the shots.

Brian fires John via fax and receives his just reward.

Classic John Farrow brilliantly acted by Michael Kitchen.

Michael Kitchen returns as John Farrow in the Brian Pern Series 3 Trailer. His ear… 🙂

Can’t wait to see his reaction when Brian fires him.

From Radio Times’s review:

…it’s Michael Kitchen as the volcanically foul-mouthed Farrow, who steals the scenes.

When a mouth shrug alone isn’t sufficient. Annoying that the video is blocked on YouTube.

Simon Day and company have begun filming the third series of Brian Pern and were back at Wembley Arena last week. Maybe someone will be nice enough to post some behind-the-scenes photos like this one from S2 posted by the prop company that supplied the Triffid plant. In a recent interview Day and Rhys Thomas discussed how they managed to obtain permission to film at Wembley and how they came by John Farrow’s yacht in A Life in Rock:

Rhys: It’s a cheap programme in a sense, because it’s in a recording studio or talking heads, so that keeps the costs down… but then you prioritise the bits you want to spend your money on. For example, we got a boat…

Simon: Where did you get that boat?

Rhys: Michael Kitchen knew someone. The idea was that his character, John Farrow, is quite wealthy. He’s sort of based loosely on Queen’s manager who lives in Switzerland and is a multi-millionaire. We needed a way to show his wealth. In Episode 3 Brian basically loses all his money in a tax scheme, and it’s quite nice to see Brian losing everything and then his manager in a Sunseeker. He just knew someone at a boat yard and a woman there said ‘oh, yeah, use one of our boats…’!

If I owned a luxury yacht (ÂŁ12,000 a week to hire), I’d jump at the chance to loan one to Michael Kitchen, too.

Anticipating more of John Farrow’s exasperated expressions in the third series of Brian Pern, Brian Pern: 45 Years of Prog And Roll, arriving this winter.

Rhys Thomas and BBC Four have been granted exclusive access to a year in the life of Brian as he embarks on his summer festival tour, his return to America and the long-awaited Thotch reunion, and more.

What I want to know is whether Brian’s manager will accompany him to America.

Never a dull moment with Michael Kitchen as John Farrow.

Or as Christopher Foyle.

John Farrow learns of fedge for the first time. Love it. His reaction reminds me Greg Brentwood’s confusion and incredulity.

Foolery, sir, does walk about the orb like the sun; it shines everywhere. – Twelfth Night

With apprehension, John Farrow takes the tiniest of peeks at Brian Pern’s wax figure.

Video of this scene at 27:00 on Vimeo.

John Farrow’s brilliant marketing strategy:

Michael Kitchen in Brian Pern: A Life in Rock E2.

Jelly Babies?

John Farrow on dealing with his clients, the bandmembers of Thotch.

Lots of screen time for Michael Kitchen as John Farrow in the first episode of Brian Pern: A Life in Rock and…

From The Guardian (blog):

Outside of Day, who hasn’t been this good in at least a decade, Brian Pern has an incredible cast. The opening episode starred Paul Whitehouse and Havers as the former members of Thotch, Martin Freeman and Jack Whitehall as fictional stage versions of Thotch, Kathy Burke as herself and – best of all – Michael Kitchen as Pern’s manager. Kitchen is an absolute revelation here; delivering endless, breathtakingly profane run-on insults to everyone in sight that miraculously manage to continue long after the conversation has ended.  

One reader of the article commented:

Glad Michael Kitchen is getting his long-deserved credit for being brilliant at comedy too. I saw him at the National Theatre where he literally stopped the show for 3 minutes as the audience were laughing so much–funniest performance I’ve ever seen!