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My thoughts today as I cast my vote in a blue county amidst a sea of red. The destruction of all that’s good in this country by ignorant, corrupt white men needs to be stopped.

Under the new attorney general a fairly satisfactory result for the likes of Sgt. Calhoun will soon become as rare as a principled, unassuming detective with eyes as riveting as Michael Kitchen’s. How dispiriting that racists still pose a menace to society today and that legitimization of their beliefs by the current commander in chief (a man who insults our intelligence at every turn but somehow gets away with it) has emboldened them. As Aziz Ansari put it so eloquently in his plea to this segment of the population, “please go back to pretending“.

Doesn’t bode well for November.

Another Foyle gotcha moment.

Michael Kitchen was a great person to work with. So attentive and just great at what he does and supportive, also.
– Gary Carr

Foyle's War: Killing Time: Michael Kitchen: title composite
Foyle's War: Killing Time: Michael Kitchen: closeup

Echoes of Love Song in Foyle’s golfing ensemble and his alightment from a rear-hinged vintage car.

Skepticism and disdain are written all over Foyle’s face as he reacts to Major Wesker’s attempt to pin Mandy’s murder on Gabe.

Foyle accepts Sam’s invitation to dinner at Hill House with an adorable doff of his hat.