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I share your sentiment, Cheryl.

Foyle presents a cold shoulder when Edith visits him seeking comfort and reassurance.

(Thanks for suggesting I rewatch, V.)

For EH, who expressed an interest in seeing more of No Man’s Land, as it’s no longer available on YouTube in its entirety. I still don’t get the play, but I do enjoy reading articles about it that shed some light, like this entertaining NY Times piece with Christopher Plummer ( ❤ ) and Jason Robards, who starred in the 1994 revival on Broadway.

And via KT comes onemanz.com’s excellent review of the latest Broadway revival of No Man’s Land starring Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, a production which apparently rivaled the original:

With the supporting roles filled by Michael Kitchen and Terence Rigby, even the recording of the original production is an English language equivalent of listening to a string quartet performing a timeless piece of classical music. So much so, revivals have never quite done the work justice, until now.

Thanks, KT, for sharing the review and also for alerting me to the video setting!

Some chewing from Series 1:

anonymous said:
June 24, 2013

All your images are most welcome. and I particularly like today’s offering – that expressive mouth speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

Thank you for your note. One of my favorite gifs, too.

Foyle’s unfinished business.  Howard Paige should be scared, very scared.

bplutchak said:
March 23, 2013

I so wish they had had the budget to film in America and have the new series start with Paige’s comeuppance. I loved this episode and I loved Foyle’s ability to compromise without sacrificing his morals.

Yes, in a perfect world, Foyle’s War would have an unlimited budget. 

Since it’s Virginia Woolf’s birthday today…

steviecat123 said: Oh my, the way his head drops and his eyes close…

And then his entire body drops with his signature knee dip – it’s the picture of dejection.

KT said:

Just love those Mrs Dalloway GIF’s, thank you! So wish GIF’s had sound; Michael Kitchen and Vanessa Redgrave have a similar velvety timbre to their voices – SO attractive.

Yes, gifs with audio would be wonderful.

anonymous asked:

What fun I had following the trail of Jack and Christy from the puncture through to MK’s characteristic, “Fine”. Is the rest of A&E as entertaining as the snippets with MK that you have posted?

Can’t thank the writers of A&E enough for the rain scenario. If by “the rest” you are referring to only the MK scenes in A&E, my answer would be a definitive yes. As in FW, those scenes that show the playful and/or private side of MK’s character are the ones I particularly adore. I wish MK had featured more in the show, especially in cute vignettes like this one, but a hospital themed show with an ensemble cast is what it is.

LB said:

I’ve stated on this site, and others, that I am new to the talents of MK. I had never heard of him before discovering FW streaming on Netflix in September of last year. You veteran fans will understand how bowled over I was by his talent and beauty. I was immediately obsessed with finding any of his work online or otherwise. And in a matter of 4 months I have seen or purchased almost everything he has done. Or at least anything that has mattered.
However, I must admit that I’ve become annoyed, but mostly disappointed at his unwillingness to throw his fans a bone.  To quote one of his oft used phrases, “I mean really”.  If he doesn’t like, or doesn’t trust the press, I can respect that. But in this day of social media he can bypass the press altogether, and give us a shout-out on facebook. I’m beginning to think our Mr. Kitchen is a snob, or worse, maybe he doesn’t think much of his fans.
Please, if I’m wrong, tell me off, cuss me out, whatever. I admit I am a rookie and you all may know something I don’t.
We all would like more of what we saw in the Plugged video. It’s just love Mr. Kitchen, I mean really.

I understand your frustration. Your statements are a not uncommon refrain with regard to Michael Kitchen.  If you’d like to know my opinion (likely the only one you’ll receive on this site – sorry), I think MK doesn’t make his fans a priority, not because he’s a snob, but because he has no interest in cultivating his fame.  Early in his career he was caught in the bright lights of superstardom, and the personal consequences of that attention no doubt made him wary.  MK has built a successful career on his own terms, which has meant appearing in many smaller roles, and in recent years, working less than other actors of his stature.  While he seems to be satisfied, the lack of output from him both professionally and in the media is certainly disappointing to his fans. As a fan of MK, you must either find his detached nature attractive or come to terms with it.

anonymous asked:

Where has kitchen traveled in the last years?

No idea.  I’ve always wondered if he has visited the US since he appeared on Broadway in No Man’s Land.

pdx144 said: He mentioned going to Corfu in Greece in an interview.

In this 2003 publicity release:

He says: “The first part of the year was very heavy for me; it involved making Alibi before starting this last Foyle’s War series, so after a trip to Corfu I’ve taken on as little as possible to catch up with everything that’s accumulated while my back has been turned. Voiceover stuff, including more Faking It, is as much as I’ve done and I’ve managed to say no to everything else.”

Not sure what to make of this:

Mr. Kitchen is possibly the eighth wonder of the world. Never flashy … but nevertheless the center of every frame in which he appears.hikari

From John Powers’s review of Foyle’s War on NPR:

What makes the whole thing irresistible is Michael Kitchen’s enthralling performance as Foyle, who, in his reticence, sly humor and triumphant decency, is our fantasy of the ideal Englishman.

anonymous said:

Hi. Love your site. I have been trying to watch all of Love Song. I can only find 1 of 1 of 7 on your link. Is that all there is on youtube?

Parts 2-7 disappeared temporarily from YouTube, but I just checked, and they are back again.  Happy viewing…it’s an enchanting movie, especially the first half for obvious reasons: