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Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: Jack Harkaway 1Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: Jack Harkaway 2
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: I knew her

“I was injured in the First War – not very badly – but I was young, alone, frightened. She was a volunteer nurse.”

Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: Your mother was beautiful.Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: James sheds a tear
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: I knew her.Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: She was married...
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: nodding

“I can tell you that she was desperately unhappy with the life she was leading – at her happiest when he was away – but chose to pursue that life for the sake of the child she was carrying.”

Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: Andrew Scott: Me.

Foyle reveals his love affair with Caroline Devereaux to her son. ***


Foyle's War: Bleak Midwinter: Michael Kitchen: Caroline Martin: Edith visits Foyle 1Foyle's War: Bleak Midwinter: Michael Kitchen: Caroline Martin: Edith visits Foyle 2
Foyle's War: Bleak Midwinter: Michael Kitchen: Caroline Martin: Edith visits Foyle 3
Foyle's War: Bleak Midwinter: Michael Kitchen: Caroline Martin: Edith visits Foyle 4
Foyle's War: Bleak Midwinter: Michael Kitchen: Caroline Martin: Edith visits Foyle 5Foyle's War: Bleak Midwinter: Michael Kitchen: Caroline Martin: Edith visits Foyle 6

Foyle presents a cold shoulder when Edith visits him seeking comfort and reassurance.

(Thanks for suggesting I rewatch, V.)

Some chewing from Series 1:

Foyle's War: The White Feather: Michael Kitchen mouth quirking

anonymous said:
June 24, 2013

All your images are most welcome. and I particularly like today’s offering – that expressive mouth speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

Thank you for your note. One of my favorite gifs, too.

Since it’s Virginia Woolf’s birthday today…

Mrs. Dalloway: Michael Kitchen: dejected Peter 1
Mrs. Dalloway: Michael Kitchen: dejected Peter 2
Mrs. Dalloway: Michael Kitchen: dejected Peter 3

steviecat123 said: Oh my, the way his head drops and his eyes close…

And then his entire body drops with his signature knee dip – it’s the picture of dejection.

KT said:

Just love those Mrs Dalloway GIF’s, thank you! So wish GIF’s had sound; Michael Kitchen and Vanessa Redgrave have a similar velvety timbre to their voices – SO attractive.

Yes, gifs with audio would be wonderful.

Foyle's War: Fifty Ships: Michael Kitchen: What do you know
Foyle's War: Fifty Ships: Michael Kitchen: that you're not telling me?

anonymous asked:

What fun I had following the trail of Jack and Christy from the puncture through to MK’s characteristic, “Fine”. Is the rest of A&E as entertaining as the snippets with MK that you have posted?

Can’t thank the writers of A&E enough for the rain scenario. If by “the rest” you are referring to only the MK scenes in A&E, my answer would be a definitive yes. As in FW, those scenes that show the playful and/or private side of MK’s character are the ones I particularly adore. I wish MK had featured more in the show, especially in cute vignettes like this one, but a hospital themed show with an ensemble cast is what it is.

LB said:

I’ve stated on this site, and others, that I am new to the talents of MK. I had never heard of him before discovering FW streaming on Netflix in September of last year. You veteran fans will understand how bowled over I was by his talent and beauty. I was immediately obsessed with finding any of his work online or otherwise. And in a matter of 4 months I have seen or purchased almost everything he has done. Or at least anything that has mattered.
However, I must admit that I’ve become annoyed, but mostly disappointed at his unwillingness to throw his fans a bone.  To quote one of his oft used phrases, “I mean really”.  If he doesn’t like, or doesn’t trust the press, I can respect that. But in this day of social media he can bypass the press altogether, and give us a shout-out on facebook. I’m beginning to think our Mr. Kitchen is a snob, or worse, maybe he doesn’t think much of his fans.
Please, if I’m wrong, tell me off, cuss me out, whatever. I admit I am a rookie and you all may know something I don’t.
We all would like more of what we saw in the Plugged video. It’s just love Mr. Kitchen, I mean really.

I understand your frustration. Your statements are a not uncommon refrain with regard to Michael Kitchen.  If you’d like to know my opinion (likely the only one you’ll receive on this site – sorry), I think MK doesn’t make his fans a priority, not because he’s a snob, but because he has no interest in cultivating his fame.  Early in his career he was caught in the bright lights of superstardom, and the personal consequences of that attention no doubt made him wary.  MK has built a successful career on his own terms, which has meant appearing in many smaller roles, and in recent years, working less than other actors of his stature.  While he seems to be satisfied, the lack of output from him both professionally and in the media is certainly disappointing to his fans. As a fan of MK, you must either find his detached nature attractive or come to terms with it.

anonymous asked:

Where has kitchen traveled in the last years?

No idea.  I’ve always wondered if he has visited the US since he appeared on Broadway in No Man’s Land.

pdx144 said: He mentioned going to Corfu in Greece in an interview.

In this 2003 publicity release:

He says: “The first part of the year was very heavy for me; it involved making Alibi before starting this last Foyle’s War series, so after a trip to Corfu I’ve taken on as little as possible to catch up with everything that’s accumulated while my back has been turned. Voiceover stuff, including more Faking It, is as much as I’ve done and I’ve managed to say no to everything else.”

anonymous said:

Hi. Love your site. I have been trying to watch all of Love Song. I can only find 1 of 1 of 7 on your link. Is that all there is on youtube?

Parts 2-7 disappeared temporarily from YouTube, but I just checked, and they are back again.  Happy viewing…it’s an enchanting movie, especially the first half for obvious reasons:



How lovely to see you “active” again! However much you do will be great!

Thank you, anon.  Yes, an unplanned spurt of blogging this week, even as KF takes a backseat now to other activities…

imageSamantha Stewart already called it a bleak midwinter, and it looks even bleaker when the usually-indefatigable DCS Foyle falls ill. But Sam, the Foyle family, and Sgt. Milner find the fires of affection – familial, friendly, and even romantic – can indeed burn brighter through the cold.

Sam Stewart/Andrew Foyle romance.
Approximately 29,000 words.

Read on Fanfiction dot net (broken into three chapters)
Read on Archive of Our Own (single page, easy downloads in PDF, EPUB or MOBI formats)

[Image information: The background is from “Snowy Field” by Stockproject1 on Deviantart; the portraits are from screenshots by grande-caps on Livejournal and by lostintimegraphics.com.]

Loved this.  Thanks for writing it.


Thanks so much for reposting my fic post! I’m very glad you liked the story. I’ve been enjoying your tumblr so very much.

My pleasure.  Your story was a joy to read and fills a gaping hole in FW fan fiction for those like myself who would have liked Sam and Andrew to end up together.  You did such a wonderful job capturing and incorporating all the key characters as well as referencing so many details from the show. I’m glad you posted a link on tumblr as I would have missed out otherwise, since I don’t frequent the Foyle/Sam-centric fanfic arena for FW.

Very pleased to know that you enjoy my blog.  


I have just read this – really enjoyed it. Thanks for putting it on your site. I am not into the Fan Fiction of Foyle/Sam either. I would have liked to see Andrew and Sam get back together but not to be. 

I often wonder whether or not Andrew and Sam would have stayed together if JO had been more available after S3.

If you love ”Human” as much as I do, btw, you might enjoy this video. (Wish he’d been busking when I visited York.)

Foyle's War: Plan of Attack: Michael Kitchen: pub smile

anonymous said:

From my vantage point, aside from being blessed with great acting ability, MK also seems to be among the precious few, who become more physically attractive with age!

Not going to argue with you there, although I do think a short hairstyle like the one he had in Love Song, The Browning Version, and Out of Africa would have done wonders for his look in the 70’s.  But then, of course, he would have been out of step with the groovy fashions of the period.

anonymous said:

Is it true MK climbed a mountain for charity. If so which one and when and who with. Do you have any pictures. If yes WOW what a fit man.

Yes, Michael Kitchen was among a group of 14 who scaled Kilimanjaro in October 2002.  Like you, I’d love to see photos, but none with him have been made public as far as I know.  You can read more about the climb in this post

Ah, there’s a picture after all.  Thank you so much, pdx144, for sending this photo of a cutie in a baseball cap!


anonymous said:

Oh dear! Hope I did not miss Ms. Weeks guest-star turn on The Late, Late Show. Has it already been shown?

She will be appearing tonight.  He a tweet from her agent:

anonymous said:

Just curious, but are there any photos or info at all on Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen’s younger son. It’s well known that the elder son,Jack, is an aspiring musician, but as far as I can determine, not so much as a peep concerning son #2. Doubtless he has inherited his father’s DNA when it comes to publicity. If anyone knows anything about him, please share.

Indeed, public info on Jamie Kitchen is scant, but he did graduate only recently (from an independent secondary school), so he’s still quite young to be making his own mark. From the photos I’ve seen, he’s inherited quite a bit of his father’s DNA in looks as well, although like Jack, he too towers in height over MK.

wolseley37 said:

He attended HW’s wedding with his Dad, and there was a magazine photo of the two of them.

Many thanks, wolseley37, for the one public photo of the two together.  Here’s the Tatler spread from October 2007.

HW, incidentally, was photographed earlier today attending the Park Theatre gala along with some other acting luminaries.

Very much appreciate your note and kind words, anonymous.  With regard to the photo you mentioned, I am aware of it, but I hope you understand why I won’t be posting it on this blog.

This is for you, kitchentease.  Who needs me to draw Bricks when this animated gif template does the trick in seconds with better results. : )  (One could really go wild inserting MK photos into the hundreds of cool background effects available at photofunia.com and other similar sites.)

Yes, vkwalker, I could easily spend the entire weekend playing with all the amazing effects. The possibilities are endless, and it’s enormous fun to see photos magically transformed – especially MK ones.

anonymous said:

Just want to express my appreciation to you for maintaining this blog. It has really been a pleasure perusing through your postings especially those with MK’s photos. Many, many thanks!

Thank you for the kind words.  I’m so very glad to know that you enjoy the blog and my attempts to capture such a beautiful, fascinating, and talented actor.