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Michael Kitchen’s pained expression here almost makes me feel sorry for Roman as he eavesdrops on Anna and hears what she really thinks of him.  Later, he spitefully repeats her words back to her.

Roman’s behavior is supposed to be that of a man unhinged, yet here we are now with a POTUS who just like Roman makes women’s flesh creep and viciously lashes out at those who speak the truth about him. Unbelievable to see lying and bullying on a par with Henry Kent coming from the POTUS.

(Spot-on commentary from LB in praise of MK’s brilliance.)


There’s fury simmering just beneath that gorgeous mug.

In Chancer (1991), Michael Kitchen plays Roman, a deranged criminal who has just been released from prison and immediately tracks down his girlfriend, Anna, who helped lock him away and hoped never to see him again. On the occasion of their reunion, Roman beseeches Anna for a kiss – twice – only to receive a far from satisfactory peck on the lips.  Rejecting a psychopath like Roman, though, is a dangerous business, as Anna soon finds out.