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Love Song: Foyle's War: Michael Kitchen with his younger self


Press photos for Love Song.

William hits on Philippa, but his pivot and pick-up lines fall flat with her.

Three years of academic squabbling have Philippa and William convinced that they detest each other. Yet Philippa eventually does accept a ride in William’s MG when he offers to accompany her to her father’s funeral, allowing them to see each other in an entirely new light. Love is in the air on their way back to Cambridge, and when the car conveniently runs out of gas, William doesn’t waste the opportunity to make a play for Philippa’s hand in marriage, cleverly using the fact that her father was a parish priest.

In Love Song as in Dykket, an empty fuel tank is a major plot device, but for William and Philippa the consequences of being stranded lead to romance rather than tragedy.

My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

5. William Hatchard in Love Song (1985)


6. Jack Turner in A&E (2000-2002)

Two shows that are equal parts romance and professional exploits, one within the halls of academia and the other in hospital administration. An ideal combination, and maybe someday I’ll be able to view it all in much better quality.

anonymous said:

Hi. Love your site. I have been trying to watch all of Love Song. I can only find 1 of 1 of 7 on your link. Is that all there is on youtube?

Parts 2-7 disappeared temporarily from YouTube, but I just checked, and they are back again.  Happy viewing…it’s an enchanting movie, especially the first half for obvious reasons:


Michael Kitchen smoking.

Glad Foyle doesn’t smoke. Wonder if MK had anything to do with that decision.

Echoes of Love Song in Foyle’s golfing ensemble and his alightment from a rear-hinged vintage car.

anonymous said:

I see where anony thanked you for steering her towards Love Song. Please tell me how I’d go about finding it. I would love to see it. Merci beaucoup!

In order to make it easier to access, I’ve added the link to my YouTube page.

anonymous said:

Thank you so much for sending me in the right direction to find Love Song – I watched it last night and I’m sure I’ll watch again before the weekend is over as it will be a rainy, chilly Easter for us. Talk about “swoon city”, it gave me a case of “the vapors.” Have a wonderful Easter and thank you for your updates on all things “MK” – absolutely love it.

I’m so glad you were able to watch it.  It doesn’t get much more romantic than Love Song, and MK is drop-dead gorgeous in the early scenes before the mustache and swept back hair detract from his looks. I do hope that someday we’ll get to see an HQ version of the film.  Many thanks for your note and happy Easter to you as well.

anonymous said:

Is there anywhere to obtain a video copy of the Masterpiece Theater Love Song with MK?

Sadly, like so many outstanding MK features, Love Song has never been released commercially.  We must make do with the low quality version on YouTube for which I am nevertheless most grateful.  Perhaps if we petition AcornTV… ?  ; )

acorntv said: I’ve sent this request along to our acquisitions team 🙂

Much appreciated, AcornTV!

Another pair of time lapse images of Michael Kitchen from Love Song (1985) and Foyle’s War (2002).  Serious cerebral sexiness.

steviecat123 said:

It’s such a simple act of leaning forward then back, separated by two decades, but utterly mesmerising and I just don’t want to take my eyes off him.

Slim, close-cropped, and old-school preppy — I love Michael Kitchen’s look in his films from 1985 – Love Song, The Browning Version, and Out of Africa, which contain three of his most appealing performances.  What a stellar year among many in his career.

William and Philippa bask in the glow of the morning after in Love Song — back when Michael Kitchen unabashedly did love scenes.


How else to describe Michael Kitchen here except drop-dead gorgeous?  Add adorable to that. The Fair Isle preppiness suits him so well.

Michael Kitchen’s sidelong glance and characteristic balled hand.  Adorable.

My favorite plot device, clichéd though it may be, is that of the couple who start out despising one another but eventually fall in love.  Here in Love Song William and Philippa are heading toward the turning point in their relationship as William is about to learn the reason for Philippa’s tears and feels compelled to make a chivalrous offer.

Could the jacket be the same one MK wore that year in The Browning Version?

The aging of Michael Kitchen as William Hatchard in Love Song.

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Michael Kitchen makes the ordinary task of washing and drying one’s hands look incredibly sexy.