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Abridged and unabridged audiobook editions released in 1997. Robert Goddard is such a good writer that I wouldn’t want to miss a single word, especially when the words are read by Michael Kitchen. But it would be interesting to listen to Martin Shaw’s narration for comparison.


Jack’s absence doesn’t cause St. Victor’s to fall apart, but ransomware probably would. I hope all UK hospitals and other victims of today’s malicious cyber attack are able to resume normal operations soon.

Michael Kitchen and his fellow A&E cast members line up in an awkward pose for a photo featured in the April 7, 2001 issue of Radio Times currently listed on eBay.

Jack Turner is ambitious and a ladies’ man to boot. He wants to rule the roost and is prepared to bend ears and even rules to achieve that. Kitchen, 52, is one of those ubiquitous types…

Wish he were still the ubiquitous type.

A&E press photos.

Between MK’s accent and the unfamiliar phrase with “eh” added to the end, it was quite a challenge, at least for me, to figure out what Jack says here, as it obviously wasn’t what I was hearing: “Kamathia kamathimany”. After my eureka moment, I think I had the same satisfied smile on my face that Jack has on his as he walks away.

In 1979 Michael Kitchen and Martin Shaw’s characters settled their differences in a shootout. As Jack and Robert in A&E more than 20 years later, the two actors are still at each other’s throats, but the guns have been replaced by verbal sparring and death glares across a desk:

Michael Kitchen’s icy demeanor here as a resentful Jack would serve him well later as DCS Foyle.

They’re so good together.

Jack Turner shrugs off heartbreak in the final closing shot of A&E.  Just a few months after this episode aired, Foyle’s War premiered.

From an interview with Niamh Cusack about her decision to leave A&E after S4 along with Martin Shaw and Michael Kitchen:

All three bow out in the final episode later this summer when Christine is forced to choose between Robert and Jack. “It’s a bit of a cliffhanger,” says the Dublin-born actress. “It was so emotional. We didn’t think it would be, but it was.

Best part about A&E is the interaction between these three characters.

Paul Hoggart wrote in The Times (July 5, 2002):

What saves A&E from absurdity is the strength of the cast, especially the three emotionally entangled consultants played by Martin Shaw, Niamh Cusack and Michael Kitchen. Kitchen, in particular, is the kind of actor who could make the Argos catalogue sound as if it had emotional depth, and brings a largely undeserved authority to the script.

Since pdx144 has been sending me fun links on Martin Shaw, I promised her more of Robert and Jack, here enjoying a smoke while Christine looks on.

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To mark the premiere of George Gently S6, the next best thing to Foyle’s War S9 imo, here’s Martin Shaw with Michael Kitchen in a scene from A&E. The anesthesiologist is unavailable, so Jack and Robert decide to go with plan B for setting a patient’s dislocated bone. After Jack completes the procedure successfully, MK does his adorable smile with the downward nod – knocks me dead every time.

pdx144 tells me that the first episode of GGS6 has already streamed on AcornTV, days before it even airs in the UK.  Could we have the same arrangement for FWS9, please, or at least a same-day premiere?

anonymous said:

Please tell me I am not going mad. You did put up an A&E post this morning. Now it’s gone back into the archives, am I right? A shame they never put A&E on DVD. With Martin Shaw and Michael Kitchen in a series, what more could you ask for in a show? (2/17/2015)

You’re perfectly sane. That post can be found under the A&E tag if you’d like to see it again. Here’s another one from the updated archives in which the two MDs display their ineptitude for repairing hospital equipment:


I think you’d have double the incentive to land with an injury in this hospital;  even better would be to assume Niamh Cusack’s enviable role. (Mr. Shaw is growing on me, btw.  Why hasn’t MK done a film where he’s lying on a beach barefoot in rolled-up pants and a cable-knit sweater?)

A&E: Michael Kitchen: Martin Shaw: table height adjustment 1A&E: Michael Kitchen: Martin Shaw: table height adjustment 2
A&E: Michael Kitchen: Martin Shaw: table height adjustment 3A&E: Michael Kitchen: Martin Shaw: table height adjustment 4
A&E: Michael Kitchen: Martin Shaw: table height adjustment 5A&E: Michael Kitchen: Martin Shaw: table height adjustment 6
A&E: Michael Kitchen: Martin Shaw: table height adjustment 7

A table height adjustment is necessary when Jack hands over the surgery to Robert.

Nearly fell over when I first saw this scene. Too funny. – pdx144

You’ve got to love him.  It’s not even as if Martin Shaw is that much taller.

From The Guardian:

A & E – formerly known as Always And Everyone but that made things too easy – has an entertaining double act in Michael Kitchen and Martin Shaw, playing surgeons. Two serious actors though, of course, not at their most serious here. Shaw gazes benevolently over his spectacles and Kitchen twinkles wickedly over his mask. As Lord Olivier used to say, “It’s all in the eyes, dear boy.” Admire their acting as they both pretend to smoke. It takes years to perfect that sort of aplomb.

Just finished reading Andrew McCarthy’s soul-searching travelogue, The Longest Way Home, in which he describes in detail the difficulties of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Naturally, it reminded me that Michael Kitchen accomplished the same impressive feat in October 2002 (just a few weeks before the premiere of Foyle’s War) as one of a group of 14 supporting the charity, The Guerba/Village Education Project.  According to the organization’s newsletter, “his list of sponsors read like a Who’s Who in the theatre!”

Contributions came from some well know British actors and playwrights including Joanna Lumley, Dame Judi Dench, Jeremy Irons, Martin Shaw and Sir Tom Stoppard. 

Hamish Fenton

In 2006, MK was among the contributors to one of that year’s charity climbs: