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Messing about with the photographic files in the archive. What I do on a daily basis with little risk of detection.

I’d be happy if they just cast Michael Kitchen in a part.

Two of these actors are currently appearing in the blockbuster film I saw today. Sadly, Michael Kitchen isn’t one of them.

Wonder Woman is seriously good entertainment.

John Farrow on being a dad.

New appreciation for High Castle after watching the episode a second time in its entirety since it premiered.

The day after?

Another fool in Foyle’s midst.

As I tackle the weeds in my yard today…

According to a blurb in The Times (Jan. 29, 1994), in preparation for the filming of Dandelion Dead 2000 dandelions were gathered from the Gloucestershire countryside and “reared, out of season, with more care than most prize orchids receive…” Each stem was kept either in a fridge or under artificial light. Seems few of those dandelions made it on screen, as far as I can tell. The producers of Doctor Zhivago certainly got more bang for the buck from the 4000+ daffodils that they ordered.

A specimen from my weedpatch of a lawn:

Wish I had a garden like this, complete with adorable actor picking a rose:

I wonder if filming this scene brought back 20-year-old memories for Michael Kitchen.

Closest thing to a rose in my yard.

Thinking about getting this shirt to wear while I’m abroad this summer.

In her first credited role, Emily Blunt got to act opposite Michael Kitchen and wear a nifty beekeeper’s outfit. Amazing that the real experts in beekeeping require little in the way of protective wear, even when dealing with a swarm of 40,000 bees.

Difficult to say who’s more in the right in this showdown (maybe a special marriage counsel should be appointed for Richard and Anna), but when Michael Kitchen delivers a speech, it’s impossible not to be swayed towards his character’s point of view. And this is a doozy of a speech. Lovely to see Richard Crane finally become a father in Reckless: The Sequel. That child will surely be spoiled rotten.