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My top 20 Michael Kitchen roles:

17. Maltese Tony in Minder: Fiddler on the Hoof (1989)

MK is hilarious playing a ladies’ man with shady dealings and a crazy accent.

michael kitchen minder maltese tony

I just noticed that someone has kindly uploaded to YouTube the Minder episode, Fiddler on the Hoof, in which Michael Kitchen guest stars as Maltese Tony, one of my favorite MK roles.  He is adorably funny throughout with a hilarious accent.

Cheeky Maltese Tony.

Maltese Tony does some “Healthy Eating” to pick up a woman.  😀

I hope Michael Kitchen didn’t have to do more than one take of this scene.

As Maltese Tony in Minder (1989), Michael Kitchen serenades a blonde he has just met.  Sadly, we only get to hear a couple of short bars.

Love the reference to his slightly more famous co-star in Out of Africa.

Just watched Michael Kitchen singing on a paddle boat, eating paper, and sounding like Sybil in Fawlty Towers.