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Autographed photo and letter from Michael Kitchen along with script for Reckless.

From the eBay listing:

…they are all from the same source – a gentlemen who bought them at a charity auction – I have the covering letter from the school for autism that held the charity auction after they sourced the original autograph. The date was 1998.


Fatherland: Michael Kitchen: closeup in uniform

Just finished reading Robert Harris’s novel, An Officer and a Spy, about the astounding Dreyfus affair and can’t help thinking that I’m living through a similar abuse of power at the highest levels of government. We need the equivalent of a Colonel Picquart to expose the corruption and lies. Two other bestsellers authored by Harris, Fatherland and Archangel, are familiar to fans of Michael Kitchen. If only the Trump presidency were like the Nazi regime in Fatherland — alternate history fiction.

Autographed letter and photo listed on eBay. According to Memorabilix, an autographed item from Michael Kitchen was worth on average £7.54 based on eBay sales from 2013-2016.

A perennial eBay beauty.

A spoof ad featuring voice impressions of all six James Bonds plus Michael Caine, Edward Fox, and Michael Kitchen. 🙂

Found the ad posted on the MI6Community.com forum where another member posted about meeting Michael Kitchen:

Michael Kitchen lived very close to where I grew up in the UK. I was awestruck when he visited my fathers farm one day on business. He was incredibly nice and signed my making of Goldeneye book for me. He did seem genuinely shocked to be recognised. This was before he become more well known in Foyles War.

Michael Kitchen visiting your family’s farm? How does one get so lucky?!

Seems that whenever I come across a mention of Michael Kitchen in the Bond franchise, there is agreement that he was a brilliant Tanner. Again from the MI6community forum, a comment that amused me:

Kitchen’s Tanner is the closest we’ve ever seen of the character being properly portrayed…
Now if I worked for MI6 and was sitting around doing bugger all I can imagine Kitchen giving me a bollocking…

A shame Michael Kitchen had only brief appearances in two Bond films.

GoldenEye: James Bond: Bill Tanner: Michael Kitchen head turn

Another lovely autographed photo of Michael Kitchen newly listed on eBay.

Newly listed on eBay, a gorgeous autographed candid of a very youthful Michael Kitchen in 1980.

An autographed photo of Michael Kitchen newly listed on eBay. Interesting that he signed it with “love”.

From the same photo session:

One of 29 autographed photos currently listed on Ebay by Our-Disappearing-Planet, which donates all proceeds to charity.

Simply stunning.

An autographed one.

Lovely autographed photo now available on Ebay.

One of the jauntier portrait photos of Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle. Another gorgeous autographed photo from this shoot was given to this blogger, who sadly isn’t a fan of Foyle’s War and couldn’t care less about MK. Gasp! I forget sometimes that not everyone is as enamored with FW and MK.

A publicity still for Reckless that was shown during Russell Baker’s introduction to the mini-series when it aired on Masterpiece Theatre.  I do miss those prologues and afterwords by Alistair Cooke and Russell Baker, which as MK himself has noted, added wonderful depth to the programming.

GoldenEye: Michael Kitchen: Bill Tanner on phone

An autographed photo from FWS6 listed on eBay.

dancesabove said:

That almost looks like a wedding photo behind Foyle…

It certainly does.  And the other one could be Foyle fishing with Andrew.



Probably one of my favourite pictures of this guy. I kinda love the scruffy look as well as the slight crook of an eyebrow and of course the Adorable Fuzziness.

I am also eerily attracted to that nose of his. And his eyes… and… oh dear god. 


This autographed photo of a young Michael Kitchen circa late-1970’s is currently available on eBay.

Michael Kitchen has nice handwriting.