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Betty Kitchen passed away last September. Funeral announcement here.

We had the pleasure of meeting him in person not as an actor as well looked after his mummy betty .. rip. – Deputy Manager at Wyggeston Hospital in Leicester

His mum used to cut my grandma’s family’s hair, he used to sit on the hearth and watch. – Facebook comment


‘Tis the season…

That would be me if I were so lucky. I should have chosen to vacation in Siena, despite the heat!

Michael Kitchen family: Tom Stoppard birthdayMichael Kitchen closeup: Tom Stoppard birthday: kitchenfoyle edit

Michael Kitchen, Rowena Miller/Kitchen, and their son, Jack, attend Tom Stoppard’s birthday party at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London on July 1.

He’s gotten his thirty-something figure back.

Michael Kitchen and his wife were also photographed together at the 1994 BAFTA Awards where he was a best actor nominee for To Play the King.

Actors have to learn to ‘listen’ so the appropriate emotions and reactions pass over their face.  – Rowena Kitchen in By the Dart

I’d say her husband has mastered that skill.

anonymous said:

I read RK’s article in “By the Dart”and it touched my heart!The loneliness,the fear of ageing,the different hobbies in a family which sometimes reflect a deeper antithesis between the members of a family and above all the desperate need to fight them,all given with her dry sense of humour!Perfect!Thank you for posting the link!

Glad you enjoyed it.  Perhaps you should post your comments under her column as I’m sure she’d be delighted to read them.

anonymous said:

Just curious, but are there any photos or info at all on Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen’s younger son. It’s well known that the elder son,Jack, is an aspiring musician, but as far as I can determine, not so much as a peep concerning son #2. Doubtless he has inherited his father’s DNA when it comes to publicity. If anyone knows anything about him, please share.

Indeed, public info on Jamie Kitchen is scant, but he did graduate only recently (from an independent secondary school), so he’s still quite young to be making his own mark. From the photos I’ve seen, he’s inherited quite a bit of his father’s DNA in looks as well, although like Jack, he too towers in height over MK.

wolseley37 said:

He attended HW’s wedding with his Dad, and there was a magazine photo of the two of them.

Many thanks, wolseley37, for the one public photo of the two together.  Here’s the Tatler spread from October 2007.

HW, incidentally, was photographed earlier today attending the Park Theatre gala along with some other acting luminaries.

Very much appreciate your note and kind words, anonymous.  With regard to the photo you mentioned, I am aware of it, but I hope you understand why I won’t be posting it on this blog.

anonymous asked:

Where and when was MK married? I looked on Ancestry to find out but there is no record of a Michael Kitchen marrying anyone nor a Rowena Miller.

All I know is that the IMDB page for Michael Kitchen describes him as being married to Rowena Miller since 1988. 

Just noticed that Rowena Kitchen’s bio is now available on the website of her literary agent, as she is currently writing her first novel.

My Passion – Michael Kitchen

Add sailing to Michael Kitchen’s hobbies.  His yacht is moored in Poole Marina. A member of this football forum actually saw MK “at the self-service checkout of B&Q in Poole”. Thank you to dancesabove for sharing this splendid interview from 2008 with accompanying photo of MK and his son, Jack.

anonymous asked:

What is michaels wife like..? What does she do?

You can learn more about Rowena Kitchen’s activities as a writer/columnist via this thread on QE.  I only perused a couple of her columns in By the Dart, but pdx144 has very helpfully pointed out this amusing excerpt from the Aug. 2012 piece:

Apparently swans mate for life. This may be a case of not having another option as you rarely see a big bunch of swans hanging around the water cooler.  Once they have paired off, with giddy haste at finding another swan at all, the hissing and wing beating begins soon after as familiarity brings the ubiquitous contempt and they loathe the sight of each other.  Still, stuck together they are, so they get on with it through gritted bill and sheer determination not to let the legend down.

As the years move forward we do not remain the same person but grow and change with circumstance and age. This means that our other swan may not always be as thrilled with us as they once were and vice versa.

There is not a person in the land who has not imagined a large weight falling out of the sky, à la Tom and Jerry, to render their partner flat as a pancake.  This is a normal occurrence and should be embraced, as it is a cartoon fantasy and not a reality, which of course would be far messier with much worse consequences.

The soaring divorce rate is not as shocking as it seems.  People got fed up with each other long before such statistics were published regularly but they tried harder or led separate lives without separating.

We could examine today’s discontent by looking at the role of women in the work place and their increasing financial independence and therefore freedom since the First World War but that would take a book.

It seems the limited attention span of couples today leads to temper tantrums and storming out to start again with someone else, where once the honeymoon period is over, the same thing will happen all over again.  Staying power is not considered an attribute anymore.

There is nothing wrong with working at something.  In the vows of for better or worse etc, we do kind of promise to give it a good go and not fall at the first fence.  However this does not mean that you are not allowed to change or grow or become something other than what was on your CV before.

The photos below were taken when she participated in the episodic radio play, Middle Ditch, about village life in Dorset.


anonymous asked:

How old are MK’s sons?

According to this TV Times article, MK’s older son, Jack, was born in October 1988, so he is 24 now.  His other son, Jamie, was born in November 1995, making him 17. Both are mentioned in the following quote reflecting MK’s dry wit:

“Fitted is now in his GCSE year, and Farmhouse is currently in second-year prep.”  Radio Times, Oct. 2004

bplutchak said:

For the longest time I didn’t get the fitted kitchen joke. I live in Wisconsin, where farms that have been around for 100 years get a plack from the governor. When houses always come with “fitted” kitchens we don’t need a special word for them.

You’re not the only one.  I didn’t get it until I saw the quote referenced on the tv.com site.  (Incidentally, your state rep and former VP nominee was sitting a few rows in front of me on the plane earlier this week. Unfortunately, not the brush with fame I dream of… )

Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 1Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 2
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 3
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 4
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: fishing with Andrew
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 6Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 7
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 8Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 9
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 10
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 11
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Julian Ovenden: fishing with Andrew 12

The finest father and son pair to grace the screen, imo.  I like that while the merits of fly fishing may forever be a point of contention between Foyle and Andrew, the activity is nevertheless one over which they share a special bond.  Reminds me of this TV Times interview from the early 90’s in which Michael Kitchen spoke of fishing with his own son, 5-year-old Jack:

“Wonderful weather, beautiful river and a bit of Sunday fishing with the boy,” Michael says with a smile. “We caught nothing, but it couldn’t have mattered less.”

I believe Jack is the child in white running around at the center of this shot from Dandelion Dead:

anonymous said:

I just love those fishing scenes with CF and his son. There’s real warmth between them. That human side of Foyle was missing in the last series, and he came across as a rather cold, isolated man. I want to see his lighter side with some personal background, which is what made the first series of FW so memorable. Thanks for updating the marvellous pics from The German Woman. ****

I’m thinking that prior to his latest feat at Trinity Church Tower, Michael Kitchen may have abseiled down a fair number of rock faces while participating in Scouts, first as a Church of the Martyrs cub scout in Leicester and then later as an adult volunteer in Shaftesbury:

I went to my barbers – sorry, hairdressers – recently for a pre-2005 reunion haircut.  I explained the purpose of my visit to him and casually dropped into the conversation that I went to school with Michael Kitchen, the famous actor.  The hairdresser replied that MK was one of his mates from Scouts.  Not to be out-done, I went on to say that I invited MK to a school reunion a couple of years ago, but he declined the invitation because he was too busy.  The hairdresser then said he went to a Scouts reunion some 30 years ago and MK was there in the company of Joanna Lumley – who was lovely.  Out-done big time!!

– Frank Smith, Michael Kitchen’s classmate at the City of Leicester Boys Grammar School from 1960-66, contributing to the alumni newsletter

I have the privilege of being the Scout patrol leader who had Michael Kitchen as his number two. – Alan Mitchell reminiscing about living in Shaftesbury

Michael Kitchen was also head choir boy at the Church of the Martyrs in Leicester. “Great soloist” according to two persons commenting on Facebook. Another fellow choir member who joined in 1959 posted on Facebook that MK was among the boys who helped initiate him by throwing him into the holly bush. “All good fun!”

Sadly, MK has done very little singing on screen.

Brimstone and Treacle: Michael Kitchen singing

Another local in Leicester had quite the celebrity encounter:

his mom was cutting my hair n he walked in with Joanna Lumley wow i turned to jelly bigtime

I wonder if this happened during the same visit to Leicester:

Sat next to him in Hazel Street Junior school, then years later I was part-time barmaid at the Huntsman on Narborough Road. It was late 70’s I would say, Easter Sunday lunchtime session. I was working and Michael, his then girlfriend and several other people came in. I recognised him immediately but chickened out of introducing myself. I assume he’d just come visiting for Easter. Incidentally, his girlfriend at the time was none other than Joanna Lumley!

Another ’70s encounter recalled by a local:

i worked in lewis`s in 1974 as a saturday girl,he bought some sausages from my stall,he was on tv then, as one of the eyre children,such a nice man.