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Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: Jack Harkaway 1Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: Jack Harkaway 2
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: I knew her

“I was injured in the First War – not very badly – but I was young, alone, frightened. She was a volunteer nurse.”

Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: Your mother was beautiful.Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: James sheds a tear
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: I knew her.Foyle's War: The Hide: Andrew Scott: She was married...
Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: nodding

“I can tell you that she was desperately unhappy with the life she was leading – at her happiest when he was away – but chose to pursue that life for the sake of the child she was carrying.”

Foyle's War: The Hide: Michael Kitchen: Andrew Scott: Me.

Foyle reveals his love affair with Caroline Devereaux to her son. ***


Foyle's War: Elise: Michael Kitchen: final scene 1
Foyle's War: Elise: Michael Kitchen: final scene 3

Foyle's War: Elise: Michael Kitchen: final scene 7
Foyle's War: Elise: Michael Kitchen: final scene 8

Goodbye, Mr. Foyle.

KT said:

John Donne said, “No man is an island, entire of itself.” but, I’d argue, that Foyle comes as close to proving him wrong as any fictional character and MK played that perfectly.

This is inspired. Thank you for sharing, KT. In light of your comment, I particularly got a kick out of this New Yorker cartoon. →

Mary McNamara of the LA Times makes “a case for an Emmy (or more) for Foyle’s War:

Created and written almost entirely by bestselling novelist Anthony Horowitz, “Foyle’s War” is the Mona Lisa of television: small, quiet, utterly hypnotic and mysteriously perfect.

A small and often silent man, as kind as he is morally rigorous, Foyle stands guard over basic humanity as the whirlwind of war and modernity threatens to uproot the good with the bad. Year after year, he has been brought to vivid vibrant life by Kitchen, an actor of rare and controlled brilliance. Each season, he gave the performance of a hundred lifetimes while appearing to do little more than shrug off his coat, bite his lip and refuse endless offers of tea.

…the final episode of the series, “Elise,” is what the American-based Acorn TV, which has co-produced the series since its return, will submit in all the relevant television movie categories — some of which it better win, despite the low-key nature of its radiance and, perhaps more significant, the famous long-standing refusal of its leading man to do any publicity.

Neither should matter at all if the awards are truly about excellence.

Kivrin has written a lovely Foyle vignette that picks up after this final scene.

imageSamantha Stewart already called it a bleak midwinter, and it looks even bleaker when the usually-indefatigable DCS Foyle falls ill. But Sam, the Foyle family, and Sgt. Milner find the fires of affection – familial, friendly, and even romantic – can indeed burn brighter through the cold.

Sam Stewart/Andrew Foyle romance.
Approximately 29,000 words.

Read on Fanfiction dot net (broken into three chapters)
Read on Archive of Our Own (single page, easy downloads in PDF, EPUB or MOBI formats)

[Image information: The background is from “Snowy Field” by Stockproject1 on Deviantart; the portraits are from screenshots by grande-caps on Livejournal and by lostintimegraphics.com.]

Loved this.  Thanks for writing it.


Thanks so much for reposting my fic post! I’m very glad you liked the story. I’ve been enjoying your tumblr so very much.

My pleasure.  Your story was a joy to read and fills a gaping hole in FW fan fiction for those like myself who would have liked Sam and Andrew to end up together.  You did such a wonderful job capturing and incorporating all the key characters as well as referencing so many details from the show. I’m glad you posted a link on tumblr as I would have missed out otherwise, since I don’t frequent the Foyle/Sam-centric fanfic arena for FW.

Very pleased to know that you enjoy my blog.  


I have just read this – really enjoyed it. Thanks for putting it on your site. I am not into the Fan Fiction of Foyle/Sam either. I would have liked to see Andrew and Sam get back together but not to be. 

I often wonder whether or not Andrew and Sam would have stayed together if JO had been more available after S3.


Rosalind Foyle, beloved wife of Christopher

A tricky subject for writers of Foyle’s War fan fiction.

Foyle’s War presents us with a real timeline dilemma concerning Rosalind and Andrew. The dates on Rosalind Foyle’s gravestone—June 1902–February 1932—are problematic. Canon has Andrew stating that he was eight when his mother died. Given that he is already at university in 1940 (The German Woman S1E1) when he joins the RAF, and clearly not a sixteen-year-old, we first must challenge and discard that notion. His father variously describes him as 23 and 22 before 1941.

If Andrew was born in 1918 and his mother in 1902, the evidence points to Rosalind as a sixteen-year-old bride—perhaps even a fifteen-year-old one!

So. How much of a cradle-snatcher is Christopher Foyle?

Nocturnefauré does not shirk the task of exonerating Foyle in Chapter 7 of Where to, Sir?

Read the full story here: 


or dip into Chapter 7 for just the Rosalind angle: 


Out of Africa: Michael Kitchen: Berkeley Cole to the rescue 1Out of Africa: Michael Kitchen: Berkeley Cole to the rescue 2

Dashing Berkeley Cole to the rescue.  His efforts are for nought, however, as Karen Blixen ignores his pleas and resumes her dangerous expedition to bring supplies to her husband.

(If you’re a fan of MK’s Berkeley Cole and haven’t read “I Promise” by dancesabove, I’d recommend it.  M-rated, alas, but a beautifully written story that fleshes out every nuance of the Berkeley and Karen we see in the film.)

pdx144 said:

And I was looking at Robert Redford throughout. What was I thinking!

Perfectly understandable.  RR was a gorgeous superstar then, and like MK in his later 40’s, he still had ample power to seduce.

steviecat123 said:

Oh Lordy! Have this man washed and sent to my tent. Actually, don’t bother I’ll take him Hot, Sweaty and Grubby and lick him clean. :p

Having thoroughly enjoyed reading Lynette Elaine’s “Hostage”, I went on to read her sequel of sorts, “Renaissance”, and finished it with a huge smile on my face. IMHO, the story and its telling were perfect in every imaginable way.  (Didn’t hurt that Foyle’s lady friend was a graduate of Wellesley, my alma mater.)  Since this fanfic was posted way back in 2004, I’m probably the last to have read it, but for any Foyle’s War fans who haven’t read it yet, don’t mind PG-rated fanfic, and are per the author’s introduction, “confirmed romantics who have been dying to see Foyle fall in love (fall in love, that is, with a grown woman NOT young enough to be his daughter)”, I can’t recommend “Renaissance” highly enough.  A+++

Just finished reading Hostage, which takes as its premise the continued courtship of Andrew and Sam 6 months after this tender kiss.  The author does a superb job of incorporating all four main characters of Foyle’s War into her wonderfully written thrill ride of a story. Thanks for sending me the link, abjectadmirer.

Quite swept away by Wolesley’s Boxing Day, so I needed to do this.  The story rivals my favorite Barbara/Foyle fanfic, “They Didn’t Fight in the Fielding”, by Kelly Chambliss.

abjectadmirer said:

Not QUITE the position they were in in Chapter 5, as I recall….

Just noticed the M version of that chapter is up.  Afraid to look…

Foyle's War: Sunflower: Michael Kitchen: last shot in car

Foyle contemplates his future.  What will Series 9 bring?

abjectadmirer said:

Already sorted out in the FW fandom (MK Forum q.v.). But then of course there’s canon.

Not a member, so haven’t read.  I’m afraid I’m not interested in straying too far from canon, especially where the relationship between Foyle and Sam is concerned.

abjectadmirer said:

That’s okay. It’s just I remembered your last post of this sequence.

Yes, I was referring then to the discussion on the MK forum about Foyle returning to Hastings and starting a private detective business with Sam and Andrew assisting.  I would be all for that, but after reading MK’s recent interview, I suppose that’s the last thing he would want.

pdx144 said:

I agree about not straying too far. A relationship for CF would be okay, even if it’s just the return of James. Just don’t see the CF/Sam relationship at all. Why doesn’t fanfic write those stories?

The relationship between James and CF does seem rife with possibilities.  Browsing the summaries on fanfiction.net, I recall seeing only a few FW related works that didn’t focus on the CF/Sam ship.

abjectadmirer said: 

Here’s one such – http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9723552/1/FW-1941-Boxing-Day

That’s new since I last looked.  Will definitely check it out.  Thanks.

“She loved me for the dangers I had pass’d, And I loved her that she did pity them.” – Othello

Alibi: Greg and Marcey fanfiction

Thrilled to discover that MyMadness at fanfiction.net has written a beautifully evocative piece, “Yes, I Will“, that continues the story of Greg and Marcey.  What a gift for fans of Alibi.

abjectadmirer said: If he reads any of the fanfic, no wonder.

Imagine if he did – late at night when no one’s looking.  : )

Foyle's War: Invasion: Michael Kitchen: Jay Benedict: fishing pole bargain 1Foyle's War: Invasion: Michael Kitchen: Jay Benedict: fishing pole bargain 2
Foyle's War: Invasion: Michael Kitchen: Jay Benedict: fishing pole bargain 3Foyle's War: Invasion: Michael Kitchen: Jay Benedict: fishing pole bargain 4
Foyle's War: Invasion: Michael Kitchen: Jay Benedict: fishing pole bargain 5

In a rare moment of weakness, Foyle can’t pass up the chance to try out Captain Keiffer’s state-of-the-art fishing pole.  It’s not often that Foyle allows others to get their way with him.

Loved these scenes. I need some Foyle slash fiction stat. Yeah,  I said it. Something that involves lots of good American bourbon, a jazz club in NYC and post-war discussion of trauma, regrets, apologies and  good solid “reconciliation.” – thenthersthat