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Grieving for the EPA and the planet. ****


foyle's war fifty ships michael kitchen and bullet

A time when murder investigations rarely involved a multitude of bullets (and victims) at the crime scene.

As serendipitous as Foyle knocking over a bag of tea into a basin of water!

Clever use of tea to service the plot with the added bonus of Foyle shown in a moment of carelessness. Nothing careless, though, about Michael Kitchen’s smooth, articulate motions throughout this scene.

Foyle pays another visit to Joyce Corrigan to deliver bad news about her son.

Enjoyed watching Emma Fielding last night playing a considerably larger part, Miss Galindo, a character as outspoken and right-minded as Foyle.

Latest study finds that several cups of coffee
each day is good for one’s health.

michael kitchen drinking coffee the russia house

michael kitchen drinking coffee foyle's war high castle

The letter Annie Lennox received reminds me of Michael Kitchen’s infamous coffee shop encounter that was so amusingly recounted by Honeysuckle Weeks for the Daily Mail:

The silent exchange between Foyle and Andrew speaks volumes about the closeness of their relationship.

“Dad. It’s good to see you.”

Exceedingly good to see Michael Kitchen play Dad to Julian Ovenden’s Andrew Foyle.

As I tackle the weeds in my yard today…

According to a blurb in The Times (Jan. 29, 1994), in preparation for the filming of Dandelion Dead 2000 dandelions were gathered from the Gloucestershire countryside and “reared, out of season, with more care than most prize orchids receive…” Each stem was kept either in a fridge or under artificial light. Seems few of those dandelions made it on screen, as far as I can tell. The producers of Doctor Zhivago certainly got more bang for the buck from the 4000+ daffodils that they ordered.

A specimen from my weedpatch of a lawn:

Wish I had a garden like this, complete with adorable actor picking a rose:

I wonder if filming this scene brought back 20-year-old memories for Michael Kitchen.

Closest thing to a rose in my yard.

In her first credited role, Emily Blunt got to act opposite Michael Kitchen and wear a nifty beekeeper’s outfit. Amazing that the real experts in beekeeping require little in the way of protective wear, even when dealing with a swarm of 40,000 bees.

Faraday’s nieces were lucky to live with an uncle who
valued their education, rare for girls at that time. Here Michael Kitchen endearingly captures the delight Faraday takes in demonstrating to his young, in-house audience
the generation of electricity from a battery.

And later he unveils to them his groundbreaking electric motor based on electromagnetic rotation:

The open dish of mercury, though. Yikes. Faraday’s regular exposure to mercury while conducting experiments could be why he suffered from headaches and memory loss later in life.

Celebrating Franz Schubert’s birthday today with these scenes from Oliver Twist in which Mr. Brownlow demonstrates his change of heart toward Rose’s suitor, Dr. Losberne, with the help of Schubert’s Fantasie in F Minor, D.940.

Watched E4 of Victoria last night and thought of Brownlow’s words throughout Victoria and Albert’s duet. 🙂

National Letter Writing Day


Even Anna finally melts and dissolves into tears while listening to Richard’s soul-baring monologue delivered with such pathos by Michael Kitchen.

Another Foyle gotcha moment.

Communicating with Milner via knee dip again after Dr. Campbell’s unwelcome intrusion.

Part 2 of 2. Marcey wielding the toilet tank cover cracks me up. 🙂

The word “sensual” comes to mind.

Sam runs afoul of the Official Secrets Act when she relays to Foyle details she has come across that cast new light on Henry Scott’s death.

Wish something just as incriminating would surface, and soon, to turn the tide of support for Tr*mp. Bring on the disillusionment.