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Just finished reading Robert Harris’s novel, An Officer and a Spy, about the astounding Dreyfus affair and can’t help thinking that I’m living through a similar abuse of power at the highest levels of government. We need the equivalent of a Colonel Picquart to expose the corruption and lies. Two other bestsellers authored by Harris, Fatherland and Archangel, are familiar to fans of Michael Kitchen. If only the Trump presidency were like the Nazi regime in Fatherland — alternate history fiction.


I’m going to assume this is what Michael Kitchen’s handwriting looks like when he uses a dip pen.

A perennial eBay beauty.

Another lovely autographed photo of Michael Kitchen newly listed on eBay.

Newly listed on eBay, a gorgeous autographed candid of a very youthful Michael Kitchen in 1980.

An autographed photo of Michael Kitchen newly listed on eBay. Interesting that he signed it with “love”.

From the same photo session:

One of 29 autographed photos currently listed on Ebay by Our-Disappearing-Planet, which donates all proceeds to charity.

Lovely autographed photo now available on Ebay.

One of the jauntier portrait photos of Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle. Another gorgeous autographed photo from this shoot was given to this blogger, who sadly isn’t a fan of Foyle’s War and couldn’t care less about MK. Gasp! I forget sometimes that not everyone is as enamored with FW and MK.

Judi Dench and Michael Kitchen together in The Browning Version (1985) and The World is Not Enough (1999)

An autographed photo from FWS6 listed on eBay.

dancesabove said:

That almost looks like a wedding photo behind Foyle…

It certainly does.  And the other one could be Foyle fishing with Andrew.



Probably one of my favourite pictures of this guy. I kinda love the scruffy look as well as the slight crook of an eyebrow and of course the Adorable Fuzziness.

I am also eerily attracted to that nose of his. And his eyes… and… oh dear god. 


This autographed photo of a young Michael Kitchen circa late-1970’s is currently available on eBay.

After discovering that his secretary has handed her duties over to Colin Clark, Hugh Perceval tests the inexperienced eager beaver by assigning him a near impossible task — impossible, that is, for someone without the right connections.  As the son of a renowned art historian, though, (half of my art history textbooks in college were written by Kenneth Clark!) Colin most certainly does know the right people.

Michael Kitchen has nice handwriting.