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Finally learned where this photo was taken. Seems Michael Kitchen was among the audience at Harold Pinter: A Celebration, a star-studded tribute held at the National’s Olivie​r Theatre on
June 7, 2009 for the then recently deceased Nobel Prize winning dramatist. MK went dressed as John Farrow complete with a yacht club tan. Attending the event must have brought back some incredible memories for him:

No Man's Land: Michael Kitchen nose to nose with John Gielgud

To think MK’s now almost the same age John Gielgud was when Pinter’s
No Man’s Land premiered, and 40 years after sharing the stage with the acting legend, he is at the end of his career rather than the beginning. Sadly, time creeps up on us all.

(A photo of MK attending the 2000 South Bank Show awards can also be seen on the Redux image site.)


Glad to know Michael Kitchen is enjoying this Spring bank holiday weekend in Poole Harbour – doing some sailing presumably in addition to browsing books. Wish I were there in the beautiful weather taking in the magnificent sights.
The market day donation to Bowel Cancer UK was made in honor of powerboat racer and sailing enthusiast, Robin Culpan. Michael Kitchen attended Culpan’s memorial on January 11 and opened the service with a reading of John Masefield’s
Sea Fever“.

Published last month in Old Wyves’ Tales are excerpts from the memoirs of Chris Lowe, the head of English at City of Leicester Boys Grammar School while Michael Kitchen was in attendance:

I suppose my most famous pupil was Michael Kitchen, who became a star of the Royal Shakespeare Company in the seventies and eventually starred in the TV series Foyle’s War. He was a marvellous actor even at school, and a natural for RADA where he went at eighteen. His style was, and is, to play himself then subtly transmogify [sic] that into the character he was playing. It is very understated, but brilliantly done. One day Mary (Presumably Mrs Lowe?) and I took the fourteen-year-old Michael to the RSC costume department in Stratford On Avon to choose a pile of Shakespearean costumes for the school play. I don’t suppose it had any dramatic effect on him, but it did to us! We have followed Michael’s career with great interest and he was kind enough to meet your daddy, Simon, backstage at the National Theatre when he was but a slip of a teenager.

From this tweet, a candid photo of Michael Kitchen taken in 1985.

Michael Kitchen once rented a room in London from Carol Drinkwater, who played Helen Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small:

I wouldn’t have guessed that Michael Kitchen was such a lover of cats.

‘Tis the season…

That would be me if I were so lucky. I should have chosen to vacation in Siena, despite the heat!

Michael Kitchen family: Tom Stoppard birthdayMichael Kitchen closeup: Tom Stoppard birthday: kitchenfoyle edit

Michael Kitchen, Rowena Miller/Kitchen, and their son, Jack, attend Tom Stoppard’s birthday party at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London on July 1.

He’s gotten his thirty-something figure back.

Michael Kitchen and his wife were also photographed together at the 1994 BAFTA Awards where he was a best actor nominee for To Play the King.

A find via the Foyle’s War Appreciation Society and tumblr, Michael Kitchen and Joanna Lumley, the latter captured in this photo blowing a kiss with The Greatest himself, are among the celebrities in the audience at the taping of Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Hits in London on June 5, 1979.

Michael Kitchen sitting with his arms crossed again next to Joanna Lumley and her son at Sotheby’s Stars Auction in 1981.

A sighting with photo evidence! I wonder if this is the “particular cafe”.

Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Edward Fox: transfer request 1
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Edward Fox: transfer request 2
Foyle's War: The German Woman: Michael Kitchen: Edward Fox: transfer request 3

Michael Kitchen and Edward Fox — on-screen adversaries in Foyle’s War, off-screen residents of Dorset and patrons of Poole Hospital Cancer Treatment Trust.

A spoof ad featuring voice impressions of all six James Bonds plus Michael Caine, Edward Fox, and Michael Kitchen. 🙂

Found the ad posted on the MI6Community.com forum where another member posted about meeting Michael Kitchen:

Michael Kitchen lived very close to where I grew up in the UK. I was awestruck when he visited my fathers farm one day on business. He was incredibly nice and signed my making of Goldeneye book for me. He did seem genuinely shocked to be recognised. This was before he become more well known in Foyles War.

Michael Kitchen visiting your family’s farm? How does one get so lucky?!

Seems that whenever I come across a mention of Michael Kitchen in the Bond franchise, there is agreement that he was a brilliant Tanner. Again from the MI6community forum, a comment that amused me:

Kitchen’s Tanner is the closest we’ve ever seen of the character being properly portrayed…
Now if I worked for MI6 and was sitting around doing bugger all I can imagine Kitchen giving me a bollocking…

A shame Michael Kitchen had only brief appearances in two Bond films.

GoldenEye: James Bond: Bill Tanner: Michael Kitchen head turn

A submission from Steve Mellor to the April 2016 issue of “Old Wyves’ Tales”, the newsletter for ex-pupils and staff of Michael Kitchen’s alma mater, City Boys Grammar School Leicester:

Mention of the clock tower brings memories flooding back of the nearby men’s barbers shop – Ron’s. Used by a clique of the more fashionable pupils, therefore excluding myself, Ron used to sell a concoction for holding the most difficult quiff in place – Ron’s Pink. It was a pink-coloured cream, sold in a bottle bearing a black-and-white label bearing an image of Ron and the clock tower. Much favoured by Michael Kitchen, this cream set like concrete after application, resisting wind and any physical attempts to disturb the styling.and far more effective than greasy alternatives such as Brylcreem.

Michael Kitchen started at CBS in 1960 and “went from the 1st year to 3 alpha, ‘O’ levels in 1964 and ‘A’ levels in 1966”. – Old Wyves Tales – Volume 5

A couple of Michael Kitchen fans received a swoonworthy Christmas present in the form of the actor himself when he showed up in the waiting room of their workplace in Leicester. What’s more, he had an appointment to return the following week. Fortune smiles on some.

And from another lucky lady in Leicester:

I worked at M&S on Fosse park and he was shopping. I must have stood there with my mouth open staring at him cos he oh so nonchalantly smiled his special smile and said hello and sailed on by. I swooned. love him.

Michael Kitchen sightings in Liverpool during the filming of Foyle’s War S9:

From the Spotted section of the Liverpool Echo:

Foyle’s War actor Michael Kitchen waiting for the London train in Lime Street station

From a forum member at briskoda.net:

…early in 2014 we saw Michael Kitchen shopping in the food section of Marks & Spencer, Liverpool.

Posted last month by a Shaftesbury resident on northstandchat.com:

Michael Kitchen of Foyle’s War and the like is also a regular [in my local Tesco] and he also uses the same swimming pool as my wife each morning.

Art imitates life.

😀 Who came up with that name?

V v exciting. Seems Michael Kitchen was watching cricket at Lord’s.

I wonder if he was watching from a box seat like Frank Hunter or from the grandstand like Millie Crocker-Harris.

The Browning Version: Michael Kitchen: Judi Dench: Frank forgets cricket invitation 1The Browning Version: Michael Kitchen: Judi Dench: Frank forgets cricket invitation 2
The Browning Version: Michael Kitchen: Judi Dench: Frank forgets cricket invitation 3The Browning Version: Michael Kitchen: Judi Dench: Frank forgets cricket invitation 4
The Browning Version: Michael Kitchen: Judi Dench: Frank forgets cricket invitation 5The Browning Version: Michael Kitchen: Judi Dench: Frank forgets cricket invitation 6

The wrath of a woman scorned.

The Charlotte Street Hotel looks sublime – fit for a celebrity. Wonder how many recognized MK just sitting out in public like that. I’d probably walk right past him without even noticing him.

Another sighting at the same hotel just last December:

So, yesterday saw us at the Charlotte Street Hotel . Like the other hotels in the group it has a buzzy feeling about it, full of Bright Young Things (aka Hipsters) and Michael Kitchen was drinking in the bar (as spotted by MrS).

This man ran into MK at Waterloo:

He’s also been seen shopping at M&S (while filming FW in St. Albans?):

And yet another fan commented under this YouTube video that she met MK in Selfridges Food Hall.